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The Inner Workings of Onesself
Lots of randomness & meaningful stuff about moi, the one & only Kari-chan.
This was put out to the friend ******** my ex
Since people wanna troll Huffington to find dirt on someone & blast them on other peoples' facebook when the situation has nothing to do with them & is none of their business. Find & troll this Troll. Only a complete idiot would meet someone they barely know & right off the bat agree to marry them especially when they already have kids from a previous relationship.

Not even mad, roflmao be with the rapist wanna-be prince all you want, but don't ignore me when I say something weeks in advance, know it's him I'm talking about, then don't say absolutely anything to me until you wanna complain about my personal medical choices that have nothing to do with you, or anyone I didn't tell, beyond these message boards or replies to articles. Would've known & wouldn't have to ask the way you did if you didn't ignore people when they friend request you on facebook no?! Right, your fault.

Be ADULT enough to come directly to me to ask a question, IM or private message me on facebook, hell get the number from your *so-called friends* & text my damn phone! I'm not going to lie about what happened or hide it, I infact never cared if he found out or not it's just the *WAY* you go about it that can & has really pissed me off.

This article is tagged on my wall already, comments & all nothing's hidden so all friends on FB could've read them without your help if they desired to. If you want to hold a pointless shame fest because I didn't make the same choices as you CONGRATULATIONS, oh my you just did a epic ******** fail job as I feel absolutely no shame! I never have & never will since I saved myself from death or 18+ years of drama on-top of complete unhappiness!

The only thing you have accomplished is loosing my friendship & respect. Good job, it goes well on the resume with broke young single mom with a degree that doesn't go anywhere in most of America. smilies/icon_smile.gif

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