"In the time before the dragons, before the gods of the elements, a great battle was waged. The war of the primordials, the very beings who forged the earth, raged out of control for an eternity. And from this rage, this madness of war, the Twilight ones were brought forth. Neither Dragon nor God, Mortal, nor Shadow, the Twilight ones were bound to no one, for they were the guardians of honor, the enforcers of punishment, the bane of traitors.

When the god Harmonus came to power, he found that he had little to fear from these creatures, for the Twilight ones only sought retribution only for those they deemed guilty. The first of these traitors, was Discord the Destroyer. When the warlock took a vow of celibacy among the elements, only to later betray the father of the gods by tarnishing the path of harmony, the Twilight ones were quick to act.

The Twilight ones relentlessly hunted Discord the Destroyer and upon the warlock's capture, tortured him without mercy, for they believed death was too kind for this oath breaker. Discord the Destroyer became an example to all. A special symbol for those who might think to embrace the path of chaos."

-Queen Celestia

Greater Gods of Equestria:

Xyg - The goddess of laughter, the jester goddess, the Fool
Magus - The god of magic, the arcane god, the Wizard
Zylph - The god of generosity, the rich god, the Aristocrat
Wren - The god of Honesty, the pious god, the Zealot
Ledrago - The god of Loyalty, the hero god, the Knight
Ino - The goddess of Kindness, the gentle goddess, the Mother
*Dreyna - The goddess of Love, the lustful goddess, the Flirt

*(believed to have sacrificed her life to save all mortals of Equestria from Sombra's conquest)

Lesser Gods of Equestria:

Sombra - The god of War, the warlord god, the General
Qu - The goddess of Time, the patient goddess, the Crone
Recaticolos - The god of Strength, the mighty god, the Warrior
Vegara - The goddess of Nature, the wild goddess, the Druid
Nidhogg - The god of the Dragons, the scaly god, the Serpent
Margodolon - The god of Fire, the forge god, the Blacksmith
Ziiid - The god of Technology, the circuitry god, the Engineer
Cordesa - The goddess of Death, the decaying goddess, the Collector
Gola - The god of Integridy, the stone god, the Bastille
Lumos - the god of the night, the lunar god, the Moon.