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Dear journal,
WIP Pt. 1
These were the comments Emily Goldberg received daily from her fellow classmates after each class was dismissed. It never bothered bothered her that much but it was the leader who lead the name-calling that bothered Emily.
"I see you're still wearing your hair loose as always, Emily," said Alexa Wellstone. "Too bad the cute guys don't see that it looks like a bird's nest." With that comment, Alexa and her crew laughed and walked away, their high heels clicking on the marbled floor. Emily sighed and headed towards her next class. Middle school can be so complicated, Emily thought as she arrived in History. Setting down her backpack, she began copying the notes that her history teacher wrote, making a mental note of studying in case a pop quiz came up.
"Psst, Emily!"
Huh? Emily looked up from her notebook and saw Bertram Worthington poking her with his ruler.
"Emily," he whispered, ducking his head so that the teacher couldn't see him. "Can I borrow your notes again tonight? I promise not to lose them."
"Bertram, the last time you said that, your dog ate my practice essay from last week." Emily sighed, tugging at her hair.
"I know but I swear I won't lose it this time." With those words, Bertram spit some saliva in his right hand and held it out to Emily. "I'll even do the spit-in-your-hand-and-shake-on-it promise." Grossed out, Emily handed him her finished notes.
"Just promise you'll wash your hands, Bertram."
"You bet. Thanks, Emily!"
Then the bell rang and everyone filed out, pushing each other to go through the door first. After checking that everything was inside her bag, Emily got up to leave when she bumped into someone and sent her books flying.

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