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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Star Wars: Brass Beauty
Seeing if I can hook my Star Wars RP friends... So far, one said he'd look into it after his PC is set up (I'm guessing a new one for his birthday, perhaps), and the other hasn't been on to see the link to it.

Star Wars: Brass Beauty - Hosted On: Evermore Everlasting

A brass, and ruby-red droid with a stylish, human-based design (like that of a battle droid, or HK-47) is piloting a starship when a button begins flashing red. It presses it, and the button shifts to a green glow.
Through speakers in the walls of the cockpit, a scratchy-sounding male voice comes through, "This is Jet Minei, pirate. Prepare to be boarded."
The droid presses the button again, followed by one next to it, which lights up blue, "All units arm. We are under siege. Out-gunned, and engines stalled. Preparing to dock."

A woman in darkly rimmed glasses, with long, golden locks, and pale, white skin abruptly sits up in her bed after hearing the ship-wide broadcast.
She gets up, and begins hurriedly putting on a pair of black, wedged, suede boots, hopping in the process, when the pilot speaks again, "Give our regards to the pirate Jet Minei."
Now, she pulls on a black, hooded robe, of a sleek fabric that matches her outfit. Her outfit consists of a black bodysuit; with a black, sleeveless, cropped shirt over her chest and back; and a long loincloth adding further cover over her privates. The boots have buckles in the same platinum metal of the skirt's belt. She next pulls on fingerless gloves, and does the small buckle on each one, of that same metal.
Grabbing a brass lightsaber hilt, she departs her room.
There are droids akin to the pilot running about, and taking positions behind corners to shoot approaching enemies. They heed her no mind as she walks passed them with purpose, putting on her hood, and positioning it so it's straight, and obscures her gray-irised eyes.
The halls have brass walls, with an emerald green, broad stripe running horizontal through each of them. The floor is carpeted, in the same green.
Throughout the ship, the lighting dims, and fog begins emitting from the foot-level air conditioning vents to throw off aim of the attackers.

As pirates enter the ship, and begin battling the droids, the woman passes from a hallway to a very large cargo hold. The hold is akin to the halls, with walls of brass, featuring a yellow-orange citrine in place of emerald green. The floor is metal, rather than carpeted. The same brass-colored alloy standard of the Brass Beauty.
The hold is almost empty... Save a transportable holding cell, containing a tall man, with brown hair, who looks to be in his thirties. She puts right hand to bars of the cell, and speaks in a quiet, soprano voice, "Your bounty was for a new fighter. It seems I may have to use it on repairs."
The man attempts, "You're not a bad-looking girl... Why do you do this? Why turn me in, when we could be a pair," he points from her to himself, "you and I?"
"You do realize it's in the bounty contract that you're wanted for impregnating his daughter, and abandoning her? You're also too old for me. And, too tall. And, I don't like your hair. It's so ordinary, and lackluster."
"If money is what you want, I have a sure bet that'll make millions!"
"I don't gamble with money. What I want is a Happy Hunter II, which isn't going to come from your empty promises."
"Happy Hunter II? Is that a model?"
"No." After a pause, "It's a bringer of death."
"You really have no compassion, or feeling, do you? Just money, riches, and hurting others?"
"No, Sir," she quiets to a whisper, while leaning towards the bars for him to hear, "That's you."
As she walks away from the cell, and begins removing a tarp from over some crates, she continues, "You see, I have an eye for beauty, and for quality things, and people." She opens the top crate, and begins looking at it's contents, which appear to be lightsaber hilts, "I'm not interested in trash like you, and I'm doing the universe a favor by turning you in. What scum... To think that you can live in this way, of using, abusing, and ruining lives..." She looks to him, "But, no one has the right to ruin yours as punishment for your actions?" She turns a one-handed hilt on, and a fine, short, orange beam ignites from it. "What makes you so special, Sir? Nothing. You're just trash lucky to survive, acting desperately out of fear of impeding doom." She leans on the bars, via her right arm, to which she presses her forehead. It's hand is holding the short lightsaber. "These pirates aren't friends of yours, are they?"
He responds with a hint of fear in his throat, "What pirates?"
"The ones my droids, and ship are killing."
With widened eyes, he stammers, "The... The ship!? Is killing!?"
"See, I don't like dirtying myself. So, I designed this entire ship to lower blood on my hands. It's a sin to take life, and I am a creature of light, unlike you. This way helps me retain innocence. They choose to die, and I have virtually nothing to do with it. What little I did contribute is only in the name of defense."
"How can you be so sure this isn't also..."
She cuts him off, "Don't you start, Garbage! I'm not interested in listening to a con man try to manipulate me into making poor choices for his benefit, and his alone." She turns off the orange lightsaber, and begins examining it's hilt carefully, "After we get to Tatooine, no words will save you from what you did to that man's daughter."

Elsewhere, a droid wins in a standoff with the last pirate, and immediately departs from behind a corner to check his vitals. In an electric voice, it announces, "Alive."
Several other droids walk passed, heading into the pirate ship.

EDIT: One friend recently moved, and does not have his computer set up yet. The other is very caught up in current events, as he is a man, and former military, while these are times when such people have higher priorities than roleplay. So, I can make no promises of when either might join this RP.

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