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im useless lol.
bluhbluhbluh No. >:C
so. it's 6 AM.
yeah, im doing this again..

baddd sleep schedule @_@
I can never fix it.
I think god just wanted me to be a creature of the night.

which either means he wanted me to be a prostitute,
or a vampire.
I'm gonna say vampire cause.. obvious reasons.

I'm super nervous because I've always wanted to work there,
even since it opened like, 4 years ago :l

Where, you ask?
H&M :'D
... yeah, my teen dream job was to be a sales advisor at H&M

My self esteem is so low, that I don't even think I'll get the job :l
I don't know, I'm super nervous about the interview .
I know there's only two people applying right now,

me and some other guy who has a WAY better resume than I do.

BUT, I have connections ~
I know some of the managers,
and i'm friends with a lot of the employees.

Plus, I think the other guy is going to school,
and I'm not cause i'm a useless hoe
so, I'll be able to work weekday mornings.

I'm now debating trying to sleep again,
I slept from 12:00 - 5:00 AM,
basically forced myself to sleep.

Before sleeping though ( / while sleeping ) I watched across the universe.
Such a good movie.
I only watched it maybe 7 times in the past 3 years
but it's so good.

I don't really like musicals,
other than Repo, Sweeny Todd and Across the Universe..
and I kind of like rent, and were the world mine...

Okay, that sounds like a lot,
but considering my vast movie repetoire, it's not really that many.
POINT BEING , all those movies are awesome and you should watch them.
right now. go away. bye.

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