Part 10

The sound of a distant beating sound startled Toby awake. He lifted his head and turned to Basilisk. He was still snoring, considerably louder than the distant beating. It was a surprise that his snoring didn't wake Toby up.
He sat up rubbing his eyes as the beating got louder. A few of the other guys who were already up looked in the sky trying to figure out what it really was. Toby got out of his chair and looked up to here the guys were staring. Suddenly a small helicopter came into view as if it were just peeking over the wall. It was a deep blue helicopter and if it were the middle of the day it could almost blend into the sky.
On the side of it read C7N which stood for Channel 7 News. A few of the players cheered knowing this meant that people are finally noticing something had gone wrong. The sound of a small explosion blasted behind Toby. He turned around to see just outside the gaping hole where the gate used to be was a small group of Rahu staring into the sky. One of them was holding an RPG that connected a thing smoke trail to the missile that was heading straight for the helicopter.
Toby turned back to the helicopter. Once they realized a missile was flying right at them, the helicopter swerved back in attempts to get out of harms way but no dice. Once the missile hit the helicopter the first explosion boomed through the air. "The ******** was that?" Basilisk sat up and quickly got out of his chair. He looked up and saw what was coming down. The high heat caused the helicopters gas tank to explode sending bits and pieces of hot metal away at high speeds. The body of the helicopter began to fall from the sky aiming straight down to the giant wall surrounding the city.
Toby stared in awe at this sight. The fire danced around the helicopter as it came down the morning sunlight filtering through the smoke. The other players saw this as the perfect opportunity to start taking cover. Basilisk quickly ran over grabbing Toby's hand and dragging him out of his trance. Toby snapped out of it running with Basilisk, quickly pulling his hand out of his grasp. Yikes.
Toby ran up to Rocky's tent waking him up and dragging him out. They took cover in the parking lot building. just enough time to see the helicopter bash into the side of the wall then slump over it and fall into the playing field taking a small chunk of the wall with it. It all landed with a giant crash in a flaming mess.
The Rahu troop ran out and lined up all with missiles at the ready. They were now certainly worked up. No one dared go out there for the next few hours. The girls stayed in their building checking out the windows every few minutes. The guys were stuck in the very open parking lot crouched below the small wall. Everyone got back into their armor. They all waited and hoped that the news helicopter and all the people in it didn't die in vain, that whatever they recorded is out in the world sending a message that they need help.

Around noon another beating sound was heard. However, the Rahu were the first to hear it. They began scurrying about. Two troops were sent out one running towards the girls camp and the other heading at the boys. Everyone grew tense not knowing what to expect. The one Rahu at the head of the troop held a megaphone instead of a high powered assault rifle. They stood in front of the parking lot building as the troop leader held up the microphone and spoke in a hissed tone.
"Follow us into the main building. You all will be transferred else where. Come out now hands on your head or you will be dragged out with force. Any attempts to attack you will be killed." He put down the megaphone and waited. All of the players stayed put. Rocky groaned growing annoyed with these aliens games and tricks. He sat up peeking himself from over the wall and flipped off the Rahu troop.
Rocky slumped back down behind the wall tiredly. Toby chuckled at Rocky's brass. The Rahu spoke again in a tired voice, "Dragging it is."
He sent the troop up into the parking building. The players were easily taken over and dragged out of the building. No one felt like dying today and they were too tired to fight anyway.
Everyone walked across the clearing hands on their heads just as the Rahu said. The clearing was still filled with bodies that already began to stink with rot. The Rahu troop payed no mind walking over the corpses. The players weren't so cool with this. From walking over their dead friends a few began to cry others were just filled with rage. It was a really long clearing. They could only take so much. They are just young adults after all, real death was new to them. One of the players was consumed in his anger and lashed out at one of the Rahu suddenly. He took the assault rifle and shot at the Rahu. The Rahu was immediately killed and chaos broke loose. Everyone else saw the chance and took it to attack the Rahu.
Toby over took the Rahu that was right in front of him by jumping on his back and ripping the gun out of it's hands. The Rahu flung itself back smashing Toby into the ground. That would have really hurt if he wasn't wearing his suit. It quickly got up about to rip Toby to shreds when Rocky filled the Rahu's sides with bullets.
Rocky helped Toby up and the both ran out of the clearing and into a building. They stopped right as they entered when Toby could hear the distant beating apart from the chaos that was happening right in front of him. He looked up and saw a whole flock of helicopters coming their way. It was just any ol' group of helicopters but Military attack helicopters.
A few of them were these huge helicopters that took two spinny things to get into the air. Ah yes, Chinooks (look them up) and then the others were smaller ones that held a lot of weaponry.
"******** finally" Rocky laughed relieved. Just then Basilisk ran right past the buildings door way. He bolted back towards the bridge. One of the Rahu was on his tail chasing him down. The boys ran after them in an effort to help Basilisk. Right before Basilisk could get out of the clearing the Rahu leaped tackling Basilisk down.
The Rahu held him down hissing at his helmet, "Finally caught you." It laughed. "I hope you realize this before you die. This was all your fault." The Rahu said in a moment of pain and rage. Basilisk shook his head unable to speak the air squished out of his body. The Rahu was standing on top of him his huge claws digging into Basilisks side. Before the Rahu could carve out Basilisks life, it was shot in the back of the head rather unceremoniously and fell on top of Basilisk. Blood was gushing out of where he was clawed as Toby and Rocky ran over. They pulled the alien carcass off. Basilisk carefully held his hand to his side that was covered in blood. "s**t." Rocky stood up looking around to make sure no one was going to attack them. Toby started to help Basilisk out of his suit.
The helicopters landed on top of the 7th and parking lot building as the military began pouring out and players began running in.
Basilisk was on the verge of losing consciousness from the blood loss as Toby finally got the torso armor off then he froze. "Holy s**t."