Akamori Yuki
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New Beginnings
Who am I?

It's been so long that I can't really remember. The most I remember is my training for the Seireitei to become a Soul Reaper. Somehow, for some reason, that seemed important to me.
I don't remember what life was like - though I know I must have had one. All Soul Reapers do, anyway.
I am Akamori Yuki, Lt. of Squad 13. Well, I used to be. The American Soul Society apparently needed assistance and my dear Ukitake asked me to go help them. Of course, I don't want to leave him; he needs me more. Then there's Kiyone - the incompetent brat. Alas, though. I must do what is required of me, especially when he asks me like he has - such a desperation in his eyes.

So now I'm here, walking into my newest room as the Lt. of some other squad - a stranger in a foreign place. Apparently, ponies are a popular thing in the human world, and Alice, another Lt., took it upon herself to decorate my room as such. She appears to be a sleepwalker, though I won't let her small size or crazy antics fool me. She's quite powerful.
Much to my embarrassment, there was already a photo of Ukitake on my nightstand upon walking in. It's an unprofessional affection that should not be as well known as it apparently is. Man, I could use a cup of tea. Or maybe a drink.
Some grunt orders me my own tea-maker, which was nice. And I begin heading down to the bar.

With a sneer I find a drunk, passed out in a bowl of alcohol, and make small talk with Grom, same rank as Alice - this drunk Taydra's old drinking buddy. Gradually, he is beating Taydra back to his barracks. Gosh, this place is strange. I could use some peace and quiet, so into the library I go.

I find Le'Brian - guy seems nice enough. To my dismay, however, as he's showing me around, the alcohol begins to set in. My thoughts drift to Ukitake and I begin to break down, sobbing. How very unprofessional. Sooner or later Lance - Alice's captain - shows up to walk me back to my room, filling in a few blanks for me, and admitting that he was the one who put Ukitake's photo in my room. In my drunken state, I hug him. Swiftly Lance moves on of his arms - draped in beads - away from me, warning me of the fireball that each contains. Ooops.

Upon awaking, I realize I've got some apologies to make, and a meeting to go to. Lance had sent me a hangover pill - was my behavior that poor? As it turns out my assignment is with Le'Brian and Taydra. This should be....mortifyingly annoying.