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I've returned!

Hello there Gaia it's been a long time! so I'm going to actually start a journal and keep up with it this time in order to help my self make progress! I've decided I want to become someone I can be proud of which I've been trying to do that lately by applying for Jobs but I also want to be happy with how I look. Over the years I've let my self go a LOT not to mention I found out I have a disease that makes me gain weight easier and I've avoided the problem after I gave up on the medicine because it made me feel sick.

Well medicine or not I'm going to start trying to eat less, healthier and become more active! I haven't worked out all the details but I'm going to try really hard to stick with this idea of mine to become healthy and actually start caring about how I look. I've made up excuses for years as to why I gave up the next day I would use my disease, being Bipolar and so on and so forth.. well anyways I'm going to try and make healthy into a habit as well as being more confident which I have become more confident compared to when I was young but I want to be even more confident in my self!

Also my first step to this process I ordered my very first Japanese School Uniform which I've always wanted one! I hope it fits or isn't to big because I wasn't sure on the size I should order honestly. I'm hoping it'll fit or be to small if it's to small I can always fix that but if it's to big I may have to order a new one eventually which will be painful on my wallet since I don't have a job yet which saddens me a bit because I've been applying for so long but I refuse to give up I'll keep applying! Anyways so this is day 1 in my progress to becoming healthy! :'D