Princess A'mure was one of many children of the Succubus Royal Family. However, among all the children she was the favorite of the king's, and gave her everything she pleased. Anything she asked for she got, anything she said, goes. If she was not happy the king was not happy, and if you hurt his most prized possession you'd be killed in a the matter of seconds.

Princess A'mure was a sweet child, and very different then her other siblings. She has a passion for TRUE LOVE, and always has been on the search for the perfect mate. However, the search has not been too successful. It seemed every male succubus she'd met didn't spark her like she hoped for, and it's been more then two centuries with no luck. A'mure has gone on several outings with several types of succubus. She's even been with several different creature's, and even tried to see if a human man would spark her, but every time biggrin ISAPPOINTMENT. Did he even exist? She wondered to herself feeling that she'd never find her TRUE LOVE.

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