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"Is that demon?" A man whispered to some people as they were leaving the church. "Shh- don't be asking those questions in front of church!" Another man glared at the man. "But she has horns," The first man spoke again. "Haven't you heard?" A woman spoke out, "That child was found wandering the graveyard when she was only an infant. The nuns found her and even though she was demon they didn't sense no kind of danger, so they adopted the child. She's been taught the good ways of life. She's very bright, and it said she sings just like the angels. Even if she is a demon there's no danger, so respect the both of you!" She scolded the men. "Ulli!" One of the nuns called out to the little demon. Ulli was reading from the bible as she heard one of the nuns calling her, "Coming!" She said as bowed respectfully to the grave and headed inside the church.
What no one knew was that Ulli was the child of Lucifer. He had mated with a demoness who after giving birth became suddenly weak. She loved her child, but she was scared that she wouldn't be able to protect her as weak as she was. She didn't trust Lucifer to take care for her, so she headed to the human land in search of anything to protect her born child.
When she got there she searched and searched until finally she found the church. She didn't even realize she was there until she noticed she was surrounded by graves. She begged for someone to help her, and finally someone spoke, "Leave the child here. She will be safe and protected here." The demoness looked up to the sky and was shocked. She nodded her head and looked at her child. "I love you Ullikummi. Good bye," She kissed Ulli's forehead and left her on top of one of the graves. She then took her leave, and disappeared forever.
Ever since then Ulli's being taught the way of the good Lord, and they loved her like a child of their own. At the age of 18 she was told the truth of what happened except her mother part since they've never met her. However, she knew better to suspect she was an orphan since the church took in orphans. She's just never knew the truth of how she was found. She knew she was demon, but even so the nuns and Mother Honest loved her very much.
Lately though Ulli has been feeling restless. She's been having trouble sleeping, and she kept dreaming of the world. Maybe because so many of the orphan's she's grown up with have gone and left she felt the need to leave the nest to explore what's out there too. Even though she looked young she was much older then people think. She's a demon, and demons can stay young and beautiful for centuries. "I can't stay here forever," She sighed making the decision. "I will have to leave the church even though it kills me to leave them, but I have to do this for me. I have so many questions still unanswered and the only way I'll ever find them out if I go out in the world and fine my answers!" She decided and went to talk to Mother Honest.
After 2 days Ulli was off. It was hard for the nuns and Ulli. More especially to Mother Honest who loved her like a daughter. "Now don't be a stranger, and you come and visit us. Eat plenty and stay healthy. Remember everything we taught you. Here's a gift for you," All the nuns spoke at once. She opened the parcel and inside a box was a beautiful cross. "To protect you when we can't be there for you," They all said. Ulli tried not to cried but they were sure making it hard not too. "I will love you all always. Be safe everyone. Good bye and God bless you all!" She smiled as she waved to them and soon enough started her adventure to the unknown world.

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