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The Minecraft Experiment
My girlfriend wanted me to try Minecraft so I took on the challenge. I'm going to write my feelings about Minecraft starting from Day 1 and see how it goes. I will do this for 365 days to see how much I improve.
Day 51
The Longest Roller Coaster Yet! Part 2 of 7

Today I've worked a bit longer than yesterday! I made a ramp that goes all the way from bedrock to the sky! Then, it's a free fall back to the bedrock! Worthless right? Then, I go up to the surface, and go up a hill! I also seen a creeper nearby and it was staring at me funny! Lol So I trapped and went back to the rest. I added redstone torches and blocks to the power rails so they can work! Plus I added a glowstone tower to the beginning of the ride! Almost pointless because I could barely even see it... Anyway, I'm getting a little too much into the future so let me go a little bit back to the past. First, I seen something I have NEVER seen before! I was digging into the ground for a part of the roller coaster and I thought I went inside a cave or dungeon. Instead I saw a MONSTER SPAWNER in a room with a chest in it. The spawner was giving out zombies! I've never seen this in 1.5.2! I can't put one because it's a very old device! Another thing I saw is when I was digging to bedrock (I'm doing a lot of digging in this version) and I saw the only ore I have never found before! LAPIS LAZULI! I can officially say I've found every ore in minecraft without making it myself! smilies/icon_xd.gif Okay, back to the present. Okay I saw a creeper so I decided to trap it for decoration! I trapped in a building of glowstone. I was building more of it and then... if you got any suggestions, please comment!

Feelings For Minecraft: You'll Know More Tomorrow smilies/dramallama.gif

Watching anime and reading manga all around the world.
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