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Apple Juice
I love apple juice. Okay?

So moving on, today for school we had this half-day because the teachers needed a meeting or something, so I got to go home early. Yay :DDD

My dad works during the night, so in the day he's usually sleeping or babysitting my little cousin. Today was babysitting the little cousin.

So I went home, say hi to everybody, then start doing my homework on the table. Little cousin Ben gets up from his nap and says he's hungry. My dad gets him some crackers and what not, and then Ben is thirsty.

The whole time I am staring down at my English homework, with earplugs in, listening to really loud music, and probably not paying attention to anything. But the moment Dad pulls out the glorious apple nectar from the fridge, I get up and throw my pen at him. He looks at me with this 'what the ********' face, like he doesn't know that that's my glorious apple nectar. And then there's this Dorito\'s commercial moment between us, he gives me the death stare as he's pulling out a cup from the cupboards, and I'm like: No.

But he pours the apple juice into the cup and gives it to Ben. And I'm distressingly finishing my homework because this is all that's left:

And i'm like: how ;~;

That is all.

I hope you're having a better day than I am my lovelies emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gif