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He's lucky to have his life!!
*sigh* What an eventful day.

Today, I learned that my father and his female friend were hiking last night, and they fell off of a cliff! She was able to catch herself and hoist herself back onto the path, but he was not so lucky. He fell and I guess mangled his leg.

It took them a very long time to get to him. He fell into a bad location. Early in the morning, they were able to get a chopper and send a rope and rescue person to get him. He is now in ICU and they say they may have to amputate his foot! I guess he lost too much blood in it or something? It's not very clear.

But it just brought me back to reality. I'm at an age in life where parents start dying. My mother has a "dormant" heart condition and is a walking time bomb. My father is in good health, but things (like this) happen that could take his life at any passing turn.

It's just... wow.