Day Two~ Rough Seas!

Aye, now. This is the second entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

Everything seemed to be progressing well after we cast off from the Gambino mainland, as the crew became used to their duties, and with young Timmy at my side, intrigued with everything that was to be needed to be attended to on The Fae.

After I answered his inquisitive questions, while at the wheel, (and the lad had many!) I set him to swabbing the decks, and he took to this task quickly, with enthusiasm. I looked up at the late afternoon skies, and noticed dark clouds overhead, and reported my concern with my second in command, First-Lieutenant Palantír, who suggested we trim the sails, and batten down the hatches, to be on the safe side.

Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir was my trusted assistant, as he had several years naval experience on his side -- a definite asset to command of The Fae. His teenaged daughter, Lessien, was also on board our vessel, and her sea-faring talents were beyond compare.

"Like father, like daughter," as the saying goes. Aye, and when the weather got rough, both were essential hands to keep The Fae from capsizing.

The waves rolled high, splashing o'r the decks, and I ordered many of my crew below, while a few -- First-Lieutenant Palantír, his daughter, Lessien, Agilefoot Spence, Corrinter, Helyanwë Waytres, and Big Eöl Calafalas stayed on deck with me, through the wayward torrential winds of this blasted tempest -- from late evening, and all through the night. Deadly this weather-at-sea it was-- hell-waters raging -- but we kept The Fae afloat, and were blessed to able to see the quiet dawn rise in rose-gold glory, the next morn.