He watched the love of his life sleep. Her head lay on his lap. He gave a brief smile then his expression turned to that of a depressed or fearful one. That day she was stuck outside of limbo, he kept reliving that moment in his thoughts. He could still hear her fear filled tone. The first time he really witnessed her scared for her life. "I want to get out of here. I'm scared.. Their going to bring me back, help me." had rang in his head. She sat on her knees like he had told her, hands above her head in a sign of surrender. Yet they shot her, a bullet on each side of her spine. They kicked her square in the stomach. All he could hear was her screaming. His angel, witnessing her almost dead had sent rage to his mind. He remembered trying to coax her to be calm "don't be scared, babe. I'll come find you, I promise. I know its going to be OK." He took three days just to find her, instead of keeping his promise and looking for her right away. Just as she said they took her back to the one place she like to forget. She laid their unable to move, at least till her demonic rage got the best of her. It took 10 demons to pin her to the floor, it would have been easy if she wasnt in so much pain and so weak- to shove them all off. He hated himself for not being able to rescue her in time. That whole time she was gone, all he want was to hold his girlfriend close and never let her go. His girl, his angel, the only thing he cared about. Was gone. But after that agonizing wait. He found her, white haired and stiff as a board, he want to cry when he could barley pick her up because she was in so much pain, yet here she was in his arms since two hours ago, finally resting. He still felt horrible, couldn't even touch her without her cringing or screaming. All he could do was caress her hair gently and sit as still as he could as she slept the pain away. Perhaps if she was unconscious enough he could finally move her to the bed. But he just sat there non the less. The poor fallen angel, who only saw herself as a demon, will never be the same. But now that she was finally in his arms, she wouldn't have to worry cause he's not going to let it happen again.