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[You can always change your characters story line.]

The Hughes as long as they could remember always served the the Marksons family. They have always been there for the Marksons, and would take a bullet for them. They would protect their masters at any cost. Anything they asked the Hughes would gladly do. It was the Marksons that saved the Hughes family a long time ago. They were a poor bunch and had suffered a great loss many centuries ago. The Marksons were kind enough to give them work, a place to stay and since then the Hughes were their loyal servants.

Now in present time the Hughes were Mr. Ovid Hughes, Mrs. Lavina Hughes, first son Alvaro Hughes, second son Marko Hughes, third son Andres Hughes, and only daughter Jessika Hughes.

The Marksons where Mr. Leonardo Marksons, Mrs. Clarice Marksons, first son [Your Name] Marksons, only daughter Francesca Marksons [or Franny], and youngest of 10 Timothy Marksons [or Tim].

Now to our story, Jessica or Jessi as everyone calls her was a special girl. You see Jessi couldn't. Let me explain, since birth Jessica has always been blind. However, with the help of the Marksons Jessi was able to get the proper help to be able to live as any human being. Soon after the years passed and Jessi got used to living an almost normal life as she learned to live her way around the mansion . Her other senses grew, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. She could do so much even though she couldn't see. It was a success and Jessi was happy to have received help from them. At least to Mr. & Mrs. Marksons. Even though she was happy to serve the Marksons there was one in the family she was most worried about. The young master [Your name].

She sighed heavily as she cleaned Mr. Marksons library. [Your name] was a very good looking man, but because of it; it goes all to his head and doesn't care about the consequences when he causes trouble. He's come home drunk, smelling of perfume, and booze. His shirt covered in make up, and as he is undressed by Jessi sometimes she slightly could feel scratches on him. She never said a word just did her job, but she hated the fact that [Your name] kept upsetting his parent's. However, she was only the maid, so she just stayed quiet. All Jessi wished was for [Your name] to realize what he was doing was wrong, and that he needed to be serious as the heir to the Marksons family. He was already at the age that he had to look for someone of his stature to marry, but if he continued the path he was in he'd probably would never find his happiness.