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The Minecraft Experiment
My girlfriend wanted me to try Minecraft so I took on the challenge. I'm going to write my feelings about Minecraft starting from Day 1 and see how it goes. I will do this for 365 days to see how much I improve.
Day 14
Part 3 of 3 and A Visit To The....

Okay back to the story. I went for the ore and then I fell to my death! I lost everything i had equipped with me. Luckily later I went back to retrieve it. I was trying to craft a bow so I can kill a creeper so I can make TNT. had to get one more string and when it reached night, I saw my prey, a spider. I defeated it with my stone sword and retrieved a piece of string (and a spider eye with i have no idea what to do with) to finish my bow. Sadly, I haven't spotted a creeper yet because I'm still preparing for my diamond quest. Or did I? I defeated a zombie and starting collecting the items he dropped when all of a sudden I hear a HSSSSSssss..... Then I said, "OH. GOD." And it exploded, killing me. I went off immediately after that to go on my creative world which I haven't been on in a while. So while I was there I learned I could use a certain item to make a certain thing. I used the block to make the thing and finished it off with the flint and steel. Do you know what I made? I made a NETHER PORTAL! My girlfriend, Arden will probably be surprised I found out how to make it. All I did I take Obsidian to make the portal. Lit the inside of the portal to finish it off. I can already tell this going to be one of my longest entries. So, I went through the portal and I traveled to the Nether. The Nether looks so cool! There are many zombie pigmen in there. On Day 15 I will post a pic of the Nether. I haven't really explored around yet but I'm trying to make a house in there. There's a lot of lava and glowstones there. Okay so I don't keep on babbling I'll close with a recap of the two weeks of Minecraft. I think over the past two weeks has been pretty well so far. I learned more this week than last week by far and I believe that I can say my feelings for Minecraft has grown. If you have any suggestions, please contact me I will try to complete your task.

Feelings For Minecraft: I Like Minecraft More smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

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