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Anzy's Thoughts
To be updated with random stuff
Rules and Etiquette!
Do not pester me for replies!
--> I work during the week from 9am-6pm EST I am on my phone from 1pm-3pm and so replies will be limited. I am often very exhausted after work so I will be slow in replying. I am free most of the times on the weekends!

Ask me before you throw your kinks and muse at me!
--> I do not mind random starters in all honesty, however I ask you at least talk to me before hand and give me a heads up. Also do not assume that because I am open to many things that I will automatically agree to kinky rp sex and or RP scenarios. It's just common curtesy ; w;

Age of Consent is a must when regarding adult nature RPs
--> For me the age of consent is 16, however in some countries it is higher. For my own sake I would prefer to RP anything sexual with those over 18. I understand if you may have a very good knowledge on adult scenarios and RPs, but for my own safety and your own please be the age of consent in your country or over 18.

Respect the muse, the admin and the country you are representing through RP
--> Aka its fun to be cracky and s**t, after all Hetalia is a satire. It is a funny webcomic that makes jokes about history and pokes fun at stereotypes, but it is also not a yaoi free for all or an excuse for someone to use events in history or current events to fuel a otp. I remember quite well people coming out of the wood work and using that Earthquake in Japan as a means for comfort sex etc. So, please try to keep this away from me, that is all I ask. Just have respect when RPing and know that there is a fine line between making fun of stereotypes and satire events and being just plain rude and disrespectful

I love AUs. I adore them
--> Bring them on. I adore multi-fandom shipping and crossovers. I live for them! It's always a thrill seeing how characters from another series will act around eachother!

I can do para, advance lit, lit, script and everything in between
-->Aka I adjust mine to yours. As for Adv. Lit and above I ask that while yes quanity is good, quality is even better. also please try not to be overly detailed and try to be original and not cliche when writing scenes [although this is rather hard for me too so i understand > X< ].

Have fun with me!
--> I am a very fun and upbeat person so do not feel intimidated by me or my muse!

Last but not least: Basic RPing Etiquette.

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