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Anzy's Thoughts
To be updated with random stuff
Yue is at once both a nation and an empress. She rules with grace, intregrity [did I spell that right?] and beauty. An intelligant woman she is not one to be underminded or taken advantage of [at least not unless someone subdues her with an insanely cute thing or subject, than the topic is up for debate]. As you all know this is a vampire account, as such Yue's nocturnal behavior is common, as is her fascination with blood. As a young child she was very hard working, very proud and as such when she became the new China, found herself quickly overhwlemed. This proved to be a bit disasterous for the young child and as such Yue has an inadverting fear of being sattled with to much.

Living with Rome for most of her "new" nationhood as a child and teenager has caused her to have a personality similar to that of her Hetalia counterpart. As such, it is often hard sometimes to take her seriously. She lives a very carefree life behind closed doors and is very much the material hoarder as any other human or being. Though she is a devout Buddhist [and prefers to practice the most basic of the religion as some deem it] finds it hard sometimes to keep vilgilant. She loves to mother people, she really does but it seemed everytime she did they would end up leaving her. This causes her to become posessive and as such ordered much of the other Asian nations around and causing her much strife when they disobeyed. Didn't they know she only wanted what was best for them? Marrying Mongolia was the only way to keep her Country from failing, and as such she finds herself forever in his debt despite her awkward hatred for him. She keeps a part of him behind her wall and revels in watching him go insane over the fact he'll never have his prescious inner mongolia [Whom China deems their love child, and keeps because she is, deep down, a vindictive b***h when crossed.]. However on the flipside to this it also pains her, because she is a caring person at heart. What's interesting to note, is that sometime during WW2, once she was changed and taken in by Russia, her gender changed from Female to Male, and only after the war did it change back. The reason being? She needed to be stronger, she refused to let russia or any other country take advantage. Getting back onto her feet after the opium wars, boxer rebellions and whatever the ******** else she went through has caused her to be highly competetive with other nations and a strong desire for power to flood her.*

*This is why she gravitates to stronger nations and those with power, wealth or a combination of the two.

As a lover of beauty, Yue demands perfection inside and out and that means from those she loves as well [although she does not push it on her loved ones to often.] As a vampire she is generally quite close to those she feeds from, and as such will find herself developing an almost "romantic" like love however it borders on nothing more than platonic. By drinking from them she can gflance into their past, tell what they are feeling and be able to manipulate their emotions to some extent to heighten their pleasure or to force sad emotions or negative ones away. As a good empress she wants to make sure everyone is satisfied, which is why she goes to many, many lengths to help others. Oh and she will hold you to a debt. Ask America, he'll tell you straight up what happens when you do not hold to your words with her. In short: Yue is every bit like her Canon self as she is an OC. She is created from my love of the character, the country and the different people with whom have helped shaped her both outside of facebook and in the community itself.

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