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Phantomhive Work log
My favorite logs that I like to make :D Drawing, poems I write and others
Username: Countess Phantomhive
Name: Maika
Status: Monster
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Prefer: Both
Personality: Maika is nice and caring. She doesn't like to fight that often but will when she needs to. She hates to be called weak when she knows she isn't.
Bio: Normal when people think of twins they think of two children as close as siblings can get. That's not the cass with Maika and Zarah. Maika is what people would call a monster. She has attacked her family killing all but Zarah. Zarah only got away because Maika was able to come to her sense right before killing her which caused their parents to decide to send them to the school. The type of monster see her as is a vampire because she has sharper canines like one and when she snaps out of her trance like state she's covered in blood. She doesn't remember how she got there because when she was brought she was knocked out due to it being one of the safest time. The main time she goes into her monster state is when she's extremely angry.
Picture of what you look like: Normal

Maika looks the same pretty much but her eyes go more wide and more possessed look and her smiled becomes wider (I'll have a pictue for it later when photo bucket isn't being stupid)

Username: Countess Phantomhive
Name: Zarah
Status: Victim
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Prefer: Both
Personality: Zarah is the opposite of her sister. She hadn't always been this way but when her sister snapped for the first time she changed.
Bio: Zarah is the oldest of the two siblings and has learned to fight to keep every one safe. When Maika snapped for the first time she had to defend their little brother who was only a few months old at the time. As they got older she realized that when ever her sister got angry she would snap. She learned from then to keep her sister's temper down other wise some one would be hurt. When they where at school one day Maika snapped at a student who was picking on Zarah. When Zarah realized this she was already in front of the student being slashed by Maika getting a scar that goes from her right shoulder to her left side missing her heart.
Picture of what you look like:

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