Thank you for coming! Please feel free to read the rest of Karaselle's short story! (The word limit on the arena is only 500 CHARACTERS. so silly...much too short!)
DISCLAIMER: Yes, this is inspired from the Madoka series c: I see it as my own original character for the madoka universe.

"Karaselle looks cute, and she is - don't ya think? But believe me, she packs a punch! Torn away by society, she was once a "damsel in distress". Unaccepted by her peers because of her unique looks and ways of life, bullied day after day. She always felt like a worm compared to the rest of them; small, "ugly" and misunderstood. Until one rainy night, as she walked home alone as usual, a sort of "magical rodent" came her way with an offer she just couldn't refuse. She became a magical girl in return for a wish. What was that wish? Shallow as it seems, she only desired to be the cute charming girl who always fit in; she wished to no longer be that "worm" no one understood - she wanted to bloom and be the beauty she always wanted to be! And that happened, she became a magical girl, her wish granted her both popularity and, upon transforming, butterfly wings. She was beautiful among her peers, and she was a beautiful magical girl. But how long does happiness last? What is the life-span of a beautiful butterfly, anyway? How will her wish backfire? With her new-found beauty came the ability to hypnotize others with her beauty, and with this power quickly came a plot for revenge; she began to use people, manipulate them and hurt them like they hurt her- she's set a goal to not only rid the world of witches (as is the duty of a magical girl) but to also rid the world of all those who wrongly judge others by appearance and individuality. As she mingles and betrays by day, and fights by night, it's only a matter of time before her superficiality will come crashing down with burning wings.A magical girl surly destined to become a witch...can she be saved? Can we justify her new evil actions with her past scars? or is how she acts unjustifiable? Has she now become the very kind of person she despises?