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Journaling and stuff I buy
Some stuff I buy is here. My randosig is temporarily in my about me section of my profile. Please check that out to see some random pets not in my journal. Or, visit my pet page!
Birthday Coming
Ok. So, my birthday is coming up - September 11th. Before i get into any listing or stuff: i'll preface it all by this. I DO NOT EXPECT ANYONE TO GET ME ANYTHING. Noone is ever under any obligation. In fact, I realize some people consider it greedy to accept gifts or even make lists asking for things. I personally love gifts. I consider them tokens of people's friendship and love. I don't NEED to get them, and I'd never be upset or angry at others for not getting them.

In review of this last year of my life, I had some things happen. I had my 10th anniversary at my job, my 9th anniversary here on gaia, I got hired into Lior, I won my Gracie OC at the Harvest Moon shop, my son turned 13, my grandfather passed away. Now, i'm about to turn 38. 2 years shy of 40, and though technically does make me old. Luckily, many people IRL tell me I don't look like I could possibly be older than 21. Thankgoodness for that. hopefully, that's still true in 6 years from now. x3 I like to think I'm a youthful person. ^_^

I also wanna quickly extend a big thank you to everyone who's been so kind with condolences and offering me someone to talk to. I apologize if i've been short or testy or overbearing with anyone in the past few weeks. I don't really open up to people completely about the mourning of my grandfather. To some extent, that sorrow is always with me. I'm not sure if i'll ever 100% get passed it. I guess I just find ways to remember him and honor him in my life. but THANK YOU SO MUCH! To the people who've extended such kind words. I honestly feel i've had as well as a time going through this as i could because of you guys.

SO... i do think SOME may want to get me something. This is for those of you who DO want to do something. (again noone has to seriously)
my wishlist is overflowing and nearing it's limits. you can go based off of that if you like. ^_^ Rabbit type items, purple things, are all muchly loved.
I also would super love art of my OC, Gracie. I'll leave you a link to her HM journal where there is other art linked at for references.
>>if you're considering art, by herself is ok. she also has a few people who would be awesome of her with as well. her friend, Tobias, he's quickly figuring into someone who'll become drastically important to her. anything from friendly to romantic is good. him being annoyed with her is ok too.
also, her friend Eian. They're good friends. a likely image of them together is her laughing or chattering about something, and him with a nervous or just a tad embarrassed by her brashness.
lastly, navid. he also fishes. in fact, Navid, Eian and Gracie are all fishing enthusiasts. The guys live on the beach and do saltwater fishing; she lives by the river and fishes off her porch just about. A likely image of her with Navid would be of them either sharing a plate of food or just being happy. It would probably not be romantic of her with Navid or Eian. (unless their owners wanna get art of it like that.smilies/icon_wink.gif )

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