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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.26 - Vaati's Hideout
Link: *He reached the cave on his Loftwing, jumping down to the ground as he looked around.* ...Damn them... Vaati is one thing, but Zant...? He wouldn't be capable of an elaborate plan if it came around and bit him in the a**... I really don't want to deal with Zant of all people. *He looked to the side, noticing the others arriving.*

White: *His eyes narrowed, looking around.* ...Where are they? *He sensed something from the cave, looking towards it. He clenched his fists.* ...

Ven: *He drew his sword as he looked around.* Where are those bastards.. I don't like how this looks. Zelda looked terrified of that creep.

White: ...The cave... *He began to walk towards it, the wind blowing through his hair as his eyes narrowed to a cold, emotionless glance.*

Link: *He nodded to Ven as they followed White.* You have that right... Be very careful around Zant... He's completely unpredictable. Vaati is a sorcerer... He's just this cocky little mage with eyeball things.

Ukitake: They seem to be able to watch our movements... I wouldn't be surprised if we were being followed by them right now... They don't send off any spiritual energy either.

Harrier: Not to sound rude, but there's a totally natural and seemingly unsuspicious portal over there. *He said, pointing to it inside the cave.*

Link: *He blinked, staring at it. He shrugged, walking towards it.* Zant. He left it open. *The others sweatdropped.*

Ukitake: H-How did you meet Zant, anyway...? *He sweatdropped.*

Link: He casted twiligh- you know I'll tell you later the story is so long and confusing to bother right now. I want to save Melody.

White: *He looked at the portal, entering it without a second thought.*

Ven: ...He almost looks more determined than you Link

Link: *He looked to Ven, entering the portal in silence.*

Ra: *He looked to Aryll, holding her hand before entering the portal, much to Link's shock.*

Shunsui: ....Link isn't going to like seeing Aryll there... Ra must have snuck her with us.

Ukitake: ...Let's go, quickly. *They entered the portal*


( Vaati's Lair ) *They went inside and when they came through, the place was anything but welcoming. The walls and flooring were an eerie purple colour, a green carpet that trailed forward to make different doors and stairs. There were pillars that reached to the ceiling for support and an eerie silence filled the building. The few windows in the place were all stained glass that showed different Hylian events, some of which were shattered by anger. Others were images of Vaati's signature eye creature. *

Ven: *He looked around the room, keeping his sword gripped in his hand as he looked around. He noticed there was a bit of blood already on the stone ahead of them.* ...that blood is fresh, guys..

Link: *His eyes shook and glared as he looked at it, looking around in anger.* Damn them... When I find them, I'll make sure they stay dead this time.

Jade: *He looked forward, smiling as he had a finger on his glasses. He looked up at all the stain glass, examining them as he noticed some were shattered.* This all looks like a self-craved manipulation of a storyline. How eerie. Though I suppose being displaced is a sad thing, after all. *He moved his hands into his pockets, looking to the blood.* If that is indeed fresh, time is essential.

Ven: *He stared ahead.* ...do we just follow the blood? It seems to have dripped us a path.

White: *He was already following it, his eyes staring coldly ahead of himself as his emerald bangs flowed over his eyes.*

Jade: That would be the most logical strategy. Link, it seems like you've gained competition. *He smiled, looking as Link followed White in silence.*

Ra: *He followed, holding Aryll as he looked up at all the windows in awe. He noticed some glass on the floor, helping Aryll around it.* C-careful, Aryll...

*As they moved forward, a large set of doors suddenly opened automatically for them to go into the next room. Large torches spewing green fire rested in the middle of the room as the flooring was a deep red with lighter pink markings in it to form patterns and images of what else; more eyes. As they moved forward, the faint sound of crying could be heard, the crying of a woman though it was hard to tell who it was with the castle being so empty and echoing. The trail of blood winded through different narrow hallways as they went through the empty room. The narrow hallways had cracked flooring, the use of the stained glass eye images for windows all along the hallways. It felt empty in the castle, and with the sight of cobwebs in the corners, it was certainly an old place.*

Ven: What the hell is with this place..?

Jade: *He walked over the glass, his hands in his pockets as he smiled and looked up at the green flame and more windows.* Makes you feel right at home, doesn't it? *He looked back, smiling at them.*

Shunsui: *He moved a hand to his hat, just staring at him.* Maybe for a Necromancer... *He chuckled.*

White: *His eyes narrowed as he walked, trying to concentrate on the voice they were hearing. His sensitive ears twitching slightly as his hair bounced in his movements, his over sleeves moving in the breeze that followed him.*

Link: *His eyes glared forward, clenching his fists as he kicked glass away from him.* That better not be Melody...

Ven: *He slowed his pace down as he looked around, hearing the crying getting louder. The hallway they were in was long and narrow, passing several windows. As they walked, they could see some stained glass windows of the prophesized chosen hero of Hyrule and the Princess on opposite sides. When White and Link began to pass them, the glass began to crack and by an intense pressure. Soon enough, they both exploded into small shards that flew across the room and attacking everyone.*

Link: ...!*His eyes widened, running over to Aryll and Ra as he used his body as a shield for them, the Hylian shield on his back defending against most shards, his arms and cheek being cut by others as he closed his eyes and lowered his head to protect them.*

Shunsui: *His eyes narrowed as he took his hat off, holding it to the side of his face to catch shards as he dodged the others, his hair flowing in his movements with his kimono as he grabbed Ukitake's collar and moved his back from a large shard, flash stepping to a safe distance as his feet slid across the carpet.*

Jade: *He smiled as he stepped back from incoming shards, his hair flowing as small traces of it was cut off by the glass, flowing in front of him as his eyes closed. He extended his hand, the green light materializing into his spear as he grabbed it and twirled the rest of the shards away from him with it until they stopped, stopping the spear behind his thigh as he had one leg over the other, moving a hand to his glasses to push them up as he opened his crimson eyes, smirking.*

Ven: *As the glass calmed down and landed, the room was silent with the exception of the crying. He had received his own fair share of cuts like Link, but it wasn't bad. He looked to the others before they pressed on, seeing large doors that were closed. It sounded like the crying was coming from there.*

White: *He stopped in front of the large doors, looking up with narrowed eyes. He didn't seem to have a scratch on him; most possibly due to his thick skin, or if he dodged them. A breeze went through his hair as Link walked over to the door, looking up with him.*

Harrier: *The sobbing continued and it was clear; confirmed to be a woman crying.* What did those bastards do to her..?

Link: *He glared as he walked forward, beginning to push the doors in, though they were really large.* ...Damn it...

White: *His eyes narrowed, moving a hand forward to let a jet of air blast them open, causing Link to nearly fall over.*

Link: *He looked back, nodding.* Th-thanks... *He looked forward, glaring as he prepared for something.*

*As they looked forward into the room, there was a large throne that rested in the middle of the room surrounded by another pair of large torches that had blue light coming out of them this time. There was a girl in the middle of the room sitting on her knees with her hands hiding her face in a wedding gown that seemed to be torn. Her back was to them and the blood trail led up to her.*

Link: *His eyes widened and shook, running towards her as he held his hands out, crying out.* MELODY!

Jade: Link, no! *He extended his hand out, glaring out towards him as his eyes narrowed.*

Ven: *As the rest of the group went inside, the doors slammed shut and the room was dark, the light coming from the windows shining through barely. The woman looked up as Link got close enough, keeping her back to them.* Link.. stop..! That isn't Melody... *He said, stepping back as he stared cautiously* Her skin.. It’s grey..

Link: *His eyes widened, stepping back as he noticed that for himself speechless.* ...?!

Ra: ...Maybe she's just dirty...?

Woman: *She began to stand up, staying leaned forward slightly as she was still sobbing.*

Ven: ...Link get away from her!

Link: *His ears perked up, looking back as his pupils were slightly shrunken as his eyes shook, not knowing what to do.* But...! *He looked back to the girl as Fi came out, glancing at her.*

White: *His eyes narrowed, observing closely.*

Woman: *Her crying stopped, leaving the eerie sound of nothing but the dimmed blue flame crackling in the room.*

Gareth: *His eyes narrowed, gripping his bo staff as he took cautious steps towards her, his hair moving to his steps.*

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed, pulling his sword out.*All Waves, rise now and become my Shield, Lightning, Strike now and become my Blade! Sogyo no Kotowari! *The charms on the chain dangled in the wind as he crossed them over his face, his hair flowing.*

Link: Wait...! *His eyes shook, looking back as Fi nodded in acknowledgement.*

Fi: Master, be alarmed.

Gareth: *He continued forward to the standing woman, his eyes narrowing as he proceeded with caution. He stopped when she began to make what sounded like really unhappy noises, but it didn't sound human at all.*

Shunsui: *He sighed, moving a hand on to his hat as he was tired of this thing already, giving an exhausted expression as his other hand rested on one of the hilts of his Zanpaktou.* Oh, man, this thing is giving me a headache. Somebody go and look at the face already before her head spins a full three hundred and sixty degrees and starts spewing on us.

Woman: *The voices seemed to really upset her, moving her arms down. Her skin was gray and old looking, though it wasn't the most inhumane thing about her. As she lowered her arms, her hands were twice as big as a regular human’s and her fingers were long and narrow with blood dripping from the tips of what looked to be claws. She turned around, her hair all messy and she looked like a zombie. Her eyes were a soulless yellow colour that glowed in the darkness. With no warning, she let out a piercing shriek, running towards Link.*

Link: *His eyes widened, pulling out his bow and arrow, and pulling an arrow encased in ice magic on the bowstring, letting it go just before the creature touched him, his eyes glaring as his hair flowed in the movement.*

Woman: *She was frozen, her eyes still glowing through the wind and her claws just about to rip him to shreads.*

Ven: ...Good job, Link.

Link: *He sweatdropped, taking a few steps back while still pointing the bow just in case. He looked over to Aryll and Ra who seemed to be alright.* ...I don't know what this thing is but it's wearing her dress and I don't like it. This is definitely Vaati's work. Get out here and fight me yourself, Vaati!

Ven: *The stained glass in the room began to crack, his eyes narrowing.* He's definitely around... We need to move forward. *He said as he looked around.* But damn it, the room looks closed off..

Tiercel: Excuse my observations, but there seems to be a trap door underneath that throne..

Ra: *He looked ahead, giggling as he ran towards it while dragging his staff along the ground.* A secret passage!

Ukitake: Now, now, Ra. wait for us... *He flash stepped over there.*

Link: *He just stared at the frozen undead corpse as the others went towards the throne.* ...You stay frozen. I'm watching you...

Jade: *He smiled, walking up to Link and patting him on the shoulder.* Think of the bright side. If it does in fact turn out to actually be Melody, the honeymoon with her would be anything but ordinary.

Link: ...Th-that's the dark side...! Where is the good in that concept?!

Jade: You could be famous and write a novel. ‘The Husband Who Married a Zombie.’ *He smiled, walking towards the throne.*

Ven: *He rolled his eyes.* I highly doubt that was her, Link.. She doesn't have the ring on her finger. Look.

Link: ...Yeah but now that I think about it... Zant is involved... Nothing makes sense when he's involved... *He just walked towards the throne with his head lowered, depressed.*

White: *He walked past the frozen corpse without a glance towards it, his emerald hair moving over his eyes as he moved forward. His ears picked up the sounds of cracking glass around him; though he didn't bother to look at those either. His eyes narrowed, feeling concerned for Melody.*

Harrier: *He move the throne out of the way with Tiercel, looking down at the trap door.* That's not convenient at all. *He opened it to reveal a darker hallway below them.* ...Well, let's get going. *He said, jumping down.*

Shunsui: *He chuckled, looking down at the dark hallway.* Oh, man. Ukitake, why don't you help us out here...? I don't want to find more zombies in there.

Ukitake: *He smiled, moving his hand up as light from his kido made it a little brighter, going down the passage.* Shunsui, stop being a baby.

Shunsui: *He pouted, going down as he held his hat tightly.* I'm not being a baby...

Jade: *He smiled, watching as everyone went down except for him. He moved a hand to his glasses, pushing them up as he waved.* Well doesn't that look fun. Why don't you youngsters go and clear the path for me? You see I have this ache in my back--

Link: Shut up Jade.

Ven: Come on Jade, we don't have time. Melody could be dying right now. *He said, following after White.*

Jade: Well, I hardly doubt that... *He said, jumping down as he held his glasses with his fingers, his eyes closed.* Unless, of course, these were not scripted characters. Also, I'd try to not resort to such thinking around someone like White who looks like he'd crush everything around him if proved to be true; that'd really not be very nice in such a narrow passage. I mean it could start a cave in and then what? We'd all die. Yes. *He walked on, causing them all to sweatdrop.*

Ven: I think the wine is getting to his head finally...

*Above them, shattering of glass could be heard, but that wasn't all. The ice sounded like it was shattering too.*

Link: ...I told that thing to stay frozen damn it... *He looked back, glaring.* C'mon, keep moving. We need to hurry...

Ven: *The shrieking began again, causing his eyes to narrow.* Let's get out of here.. *He said as he began to run down the narrow hallway.*

Jade: *He sighed as he watched everyone run, glancing back with narrowed eyes.* This better not turn out to be another Samantha. *He looked forward, running with them.*

White: *As he ran with them, he looked back to see if anyone was falling behind.* ...It's coming.

Shunsui: *He sweatdropped, looking to White.* Saying that with a straight face is pretty scary...

*As they ran, they could see giant doors ahead that seemed different than the others. They were closed with their luck as well. As they made their way, the woman made her way down, running at them while screaming.*

Jade: ...Looks like my suspicions were correct. *He stopped running, turning to face the direction the woman was coming from, taking his hands out of his pockets as his eyes narrowed.*

Link: *He looked back, stopping as he stared.* Jade, what are you doing?!

Jade: Don't waste time! *He moved his head slightly to the side, moving his hand to hold out infront of him as a magic circle formed underneath him.* Get those doors opened. This is not the time for your emotions to surface.

Link: *His eyes narrowed, nodding slowly before turning and going for the doors, proceeding to push them open.*

Woman: *She headed straight for Jade, holding her claws out as she screamed out*

Jade: *His eyes narrowed as his hair flowed off his shoulders, his glasses reflecting the light of his magic as he concentrated.* ...You're a noisy one, aren't you? *He heard the doors behind him starting to creak open, smirking as he closed his eyes and waited for the woman to reach a certain spot; though he seemed to be risking it.*

White: *He looked back, wondering if he should step in or not. As the doors began to open, he looked back to Link who was struggling, not having his golden gauntlets with him.*

Ven: *He went to the door with Link, pushing on the door as he struggled.* Damn... it... open already...

Ra: *His eyes shook as he heard the screams getting louder, looking back as he squeezed Aryll's hand.*

Jade: *As he opened his eyes slowly seeing the woman now in view, the magic circle began to glow brighter.* Suffer... within this oppressive force... *He raised his hands as White raised his own towards the doors, blowing wind toward it as he helped progress faster, Jade raising his own hand as his spell came to a conclusion, putting his free hand in his pocket as his hair flowed up.* Gravity Well!! *Just as the woman was about to strike, she crashed down into the ground in a large crater as a black dome formed over her, lightning traveling over its surface as it pushed her down, crushing her as the ground cracked.*

Link: Jade, the doors are opened now! Hurry up and come with us! *They began to run towards the next room.*

White: *His eyes narrowed, grabbing Jade by the collar as he dashed as he dragged him, jumping into the next room as he let go of Jade, moving his hand in a circle motion to make his landing soft with the power of wind, his eyes narrowing and shifting to the doors as Jade's Gravity Well began to end, knowing that the woman was about to break free again. He raised his hand, making a fist as violent winds slammed the doors shut behind them once everyone arrived, opening his fist to make a dent in the door with the wind to make sure that the woman couldn't follow them. He lowered his arm slowly, closing his eyes as his hair flowed over his eyes.*

Ven: *As they heard scratching at the door, they noticed that the woman couldn't get in. The room was quiet and gentle, another door ahead of them as the room in general was different. It had different symbols along the walls, and it seemed to be an untouched room. he looked forward* I get a feeling she's in there... *He looked to them.* be careful.

Link: We came this far... I want my wife back, any means necessary... *He began to walk towards the door with glaring eyes.* I won't let Vaati do anything to either Melody or Zelda... and I can't allow him to taint Zant anymore than he already is. Give Zant a brain and I'd fear him more than anyone. *His eyes narrowed as he looked up at the door.*

Jade: *He stood up straight from his landing, fixing his glasses as he looked to White, shrugging as he closed his eyes. He looked to Link with a serious expression.* What are his connections with Zelda? Are they similar to Ghirahim's?

Link: *He stopped, turning back.* ...I think he fears her. She has some sort of light force that he doesn't want interfering with him, so he turned her to stone once. She used that against Byakuya…

Ven: Well enough stalling.. Let's go get her back and stop them for good. *He said as he gripped his sword.*

Ukitake: *He walked over to the door with Link, looking up at it as Link began to push them.* Why do they insist on having such large doors? *He helped Link, beginning to move them.*

Ra: *He gulped, looking ahead as he saw them move, going in front of Aryll.*

Aryll: *She looked to Ra, her eyes shaking in fear. She hugged his arm as she looked forward.*

Ven: No more suffering.. let's go.. *He assisted Ukitake and Link, the doors beginning to open.*

Shunsui: *He pulled out his swords in preparation, unleashing his shikai as his kimono and haori blew in the wind.*

White: *His eyes narrowed as a breeze picked up, clenching his fists as his hair moved over his eyes.*

Jade: *He pressed a finger on his glasses, their lenses reflecting harsh light as he watched.*

*As the door slowly opened, they could see what seemed to be a sanctuary. They were on what seemed to be a balcony, the outside sky nothing but red and dark clouds and the ground could not be seen. There was a pedestal up ahead with something of stone in front of them; a figure.*

Ven: *His eyes narrowed.* Is that.....? *The statue resembled a woman with much of Melody's features. It actually was her.*

Link: He actually... turned her to stone?! Just like he did with Zelda...! *His eyes widened, starting to clench his fists as he glared, walking towards it.* ...These tricks get old, Vaati... How dare you touch my wife...! You damned b*****d...

Vaati: *He was angry, forming with dark clouds surrounding him. He was holding Zant by the ear as he stood in front of them.* Look, you idiot! This is what happens when you don't close portal behind you! You were too busy tasting the damned girl's blood. I'm punishing you by making YOU fight them. *He said, pushing Zant forward.*

Zant: *He fell to the ground, his sleeves holding him up as he was there on his knees, his head lowered as he stared on the ground. He began slamming his head against the floor as he screamed, Link stopping as he saw them now in front of him.* STUPID, STUPID HEAD! I TOLD YOU TO CLOSE THE PORTAL! But the blood... the blood was so tasty... NO... NO YOU SHOULD HAVE CLOSED IT.... But then I wouldn't be able to.... I wouldn't... be able to... *He began to stand up at a slow pace.* Nehahaha.... NEHhahaha... I wouldn't be able to taste Linky-pooh's BLOOD... *He looked up to Link, his helmet forming over his head.* It's OUR FAVORITE. *He began to float, causing Link to draw his sword and form into his soul reaper form.*

Link: *His eyes shook as they narrowed, looking up to him as his haori blew in the wind.* Zant, don't be manipulated by Vaati... You were dormant up until now, weren't you? If you survived and learned your lesson you shouldn't let him get you involved...!

Zant: SHUT UP I HAVE A BIG FREAKIN' CHAIR!!! *Suddenly random chairs began to phase out of the ground, having everyone but Link and White float up using wind be seated, black magic forming over their laps as they twisted around them and immobilized them, magic going over to their eyes to keep them peeled.*

Vaati: ( Vaati's Battle Theme ) *He closed his eyes as he felt his anger build.* Oh, you stupid Hylian... your presence alone makes my blood boil. How dare you trick me into thinking you were marrying Zelda! *He began to transform, his body magically getting golden armor and he was growing taller. His hair stretched to grow longer, and his eyes were red with envy. Inside his now red robes was a giant eye in the middle of his stomach, his cloak flowing in the wind.*

Link: *His eyes narrowed as he looked towards Vaati.* You fed yourself lies. Don't turn this around me or flatter yourself; I wasn't even thinking of you at all. *He raised his Zanpaktou to charge up spiritual energy around the blade.*

Zant: *He suddenly jumped wildly in front of Link, grabbing the back of his head and smashing it against his knee as he broke his nose, laughing manically as he landed, pushing his shoulder down as he screamed.* STOP LINK I LOVE YOU! YOU'RE MAKING ME JEALOUS! *He kicked him, causing Link to go flying and stumbling across the balcony.* ...GIVE UP LINK! *He pointed his sleeve.* You're out numbered with just me alone!

Link: *He held his nose, just staring at him.* ...How?!

Vaati: *Eyes began to form from the middle eye, his eyes narrowing to White.* Ah, I see.. another wind bearer. Interesting. Well, I'll test Zant for his skills. For now, let me warm up on you! *He said, sending the dark eyes straight at him, all of them forming red auras as they shot lasers at him.*

White: *His eyes narrowed as he looked up from the ground to see the eyes swarming towards him, jumping to the side and out of the way. As he was moving through the air, his bangs shifted to the side as they crossed over his sorrowful eyes. He wanted to save the others; and he was mostly sorrowful for Melody. He didn't like to see her petrified the way she was, and the sight of it almost made him lose hope, feeling unmotivated to even defend himself. This caused a laser to run by his cheek, having him slide across the floor until he came to a stop, his cheek slightly burned, though his expression didn't show pain. He looked up to the eyes still following him, just staring.*

Zant: *He felt his mask get smashed by Link’s sword, causing him to scream like a little girl as he was sent flying towards the distance, rolling across the floor as his helmet crumbled off him, his sleeves moving violently as he cried.*

Vaati: *He threw his eyes straight at White, watching as they closed their eyes, the eyelashes turning into blades.* Fight, you ignorant fool!

White: *He sighed, closing his own eyes as he began to walk towards Vaati, letting the blades run through his body, though they didn't cut his skin; only clothing as he stepped forward, narrowing his eyes as his emerald bangs blew in the breeze that followed him.* ...It's not too late. You can turn her back...

Link: *He began to dash towards Zant, extending his Zanpaktou out as he screamed in anger.*

Zant: *He pushed himself up with his wobbly arms, pieces of his helmet falling off completely showing his face again. He didn't have to look at Link to hear his screaming, causing his own girlish high pitched screams to be released, finally looking at him still screaming as he held his arms towards him, signaling him he wasn't ready yet, but they collided anyway causing him to cry loudly.*

Vaati: *He laughed as he floated in the wind, watching White.* Now why would I do that? Besides, you don't look very motivated to get her back. I find that rather amusing. I thought you were the useless one of the group.

Zant: *He went flying through the air until he slammed into Vaati, screaming his head off as he hugged his legs and looked back to Link with a terrified expression as he saw Link floating up towards him with his flash steps, causing Zant to grab Vaati's arm before he shot something towards White to Link, who just reflected it as it headed back to them, Zant slipping off of Vaati screaming as the blow hit Vaati instead.*

Vaati: *He teleported more into the air with his wind movements.* I'm going to rip your face off if you blow this for me, Zant.. Let your anger out on Link! *He glared to White as dark wind flew around him.* You already heard my final answer.

Zant: NO DON'T RIP MY FACE OFF I USE IT TO TAKE MY MEDICATION! *He crashed into the ground in a small explosion as Link just stared at him, sweatdropping.*

White: *He looked up to Vaati, his eyes narrowing as his hair blew violently in the wind as they began to spin around him, rushing his body as the winds began to emit their green light.*

Vaati: *His own wind swarmed with a purple light, his eyes narrowing; including the one on his stomach.*

Link: *He extended his sword in front of him, placing his palm on the blade as it began to glow in a bright green, swiping his hand across the blade as a green light extended the size of the sword, beginning to charge towards Zant.* I'm finishing you off... I'm sorry, Zant. *Zant's body began to get trapped in lights of the Triforce, as Link prepared the Triforce slash.*

Zant: *He started screaming, looking around as he began to get trapped. However as Link moved closer, Zant simply broke the Triforce lights with his sleeve, causing Link's eyes to widen as a light of twilight began to blanket the ground. Distortions of Zant's image in Link's eyes.*

Link: "...What is this...?! "

White: *Suddenly his winds stopped spinning, causing him to flinch as he stepped back. The light of twilight prevented him from transforming, his eyes widening.*

Vaati: *He laughed as he felt the darkness grow around him, forming flame in his hands that were a blue colour. He sent it straight at White, the flame turning with the dark wind.*

White: *He looked up at the flames headed towards him, clenching his teeth as he jumped back from them as they spreaded across the floor, sliding as he landed and placing his fingers on the ground to stop himself from moving. He looked up with narrowed eyes, knowing that he'd have to deal with him in his human form now. First he had to figure out how to get him down from the air, narrowing his eyes as he stared in frustration.*

Link: *He held his head as his Soul Reaper form vanished, leaving him in his normal form. However thankful to the Master Sword; he didn't turn into a wolf. He looked over to Zant, glaring as he saw the expression on his face. He knew what this meant, and why he was able to do all this. It was simple. His medication was wearing off, causing Link's eyes to shake in fear.* ...Z-Zant... you wouldn't happen to know where your pills are... hey buddy?

Zant: ...Nehahahah......NEHAHAHAHAHA.....NEHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *He pulled out a stick out of nowhere, smiling.* LET'S PLAY HIT THE PINATA!!! *He chased after him.* I WANT TO HIT YOU UNTIL ALL THE LITTLE CANDIES COME OUT... SWEET ONES, SOUR ONES, BITTER AND SPICY!!! I WANT TO TASTE THEM AS I USE YOUR BLOOD AS THE DIPPING! *He swung the stick towards him, causing Link to roll out of the way.* ...The voices... they're telling me to TRY HARDER!!! *He swung, slamming it into Link's face as he went flying.* ....No you shut up. NO YOU SHUT UP! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! We're in the same head, stupid. NO YOU'RE STUPID! *He threw the stick down, causing it to hit him in the face in its rebound, having him scream in his high pitched sounds.*

Shunsui: No wonder Zelda is terrified...

Link: *He crashed in the distance, fake crying as he saw Zant going ballistic.* Help...

Vaati: Yes, Zant. I am so proud of you! Let your feelings take over. *He said as he swarmed right towards White, slashing at him with his long nails and going back up into the air*

White: *His eyes narrowed as he moved back, his nails cutting through his clothing, but they were still not enough to pierce his skin. He looked up, narrowing his eyes. He needed him to do it again, where his chance will be open for a counter attack. He looked over to Zant, seeing Link having some trouble.*

Fi: ...I can't analyze him... I cannot compute. I apologize, Master.

Zant: *He walked as he dragged Link towards the petrified Melody.* LET'S ALL HAVE A TEA PARTY... WE'LL HAVE BALLOONS OF ALL COLORS, BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE AND YELLOW! Not orange though. I HATE ORANGE!!! *A small table appeared with tiny little chairs as Zant looked down at it in silence before slamming Link onto it.* HOW MANY SUGARS DO YOU WANT IN YOUR TEA?!!!

Link: *His eyes shook as he just stared up all bruised and beat up.* .....Five...? *His voice was all high pitched as he saw his sword in the distance.*

Jade: ...Link just became his b***h.

Melody: ( The Rise of Soul Reaper Link ) *Her butterfly who wasn't petrified and managed to escape flew out from hiding, flying to Link as it landed on his sword, its wings glowing brightly.*

Link: *His eyes widened as he saw Flutters in the distance, glowing over his sword as Zant looked over too in awe.*

Melody: *Its wings kept glowing, the light seeming to transform the Master Sword. It slowly began to change form, though the light was blinding them from seeing what. When it stopped, a new insect was flying beside her butterfly; a green, purple and blue dragonfly. They flew to Link together, the dragonfly landing on his hand as it began to transform back into the Master Sword, and Link felt a new energy inside of him.*

Link: *His eyes narrowed as he stared at the new Master Sword, raising it up as he closed his eyes and let its new power begin to warm the atmosphere, beginning to dispel the blanket of twilight, and also calming down Zant.*

White: *His eyes narrowed, feeling a breeze around him as he noticed the air pure again, small winds forming over his hands as his ability returned. He made a fist with the hand, looking up to Vaati with more confident eyes as his emerald hair blew over his eyes.*

Vaati: Grrr...! That damned girl must die! *He said, his arms transforming into longer ones that looked like eyes themselves. He spawned eye creatures that flew everywhere, causing mini explosions. As he did this, he reached for White with his long arm.* Die!!

White: *He closed his eyes, moving a palm forward as he caught Vaati's arm with a great, forceful grip that caused the air around them to be silent as it all blasted away and left an eerie atmosphere, White wasn't even pushed back by this. His eyes opened to his sapphire eyes, glaring up at Vaati with anger as he squeezed Vaati's arm with the hand holding it.* ...What did you say? *He pulled Vaati's entire body, causing Vaati to come flying right into the same hand he used to grab his arm with, catching him by his face as his body was exposed. His eyes narrowed as he tightened his grip on his face.* ...You will never lay a hand on Melody ever again. *His eyes shifted to the large eye on Vaati's stomach, disgusted by it. As he held onto his face with one hand, he lunged his other right through the center of the eye as its blood spewed out all over White's body and expressionless face. He began to rip the eye out forcefully, pulling it with its blood following as his white clothing became tainted in blood.* Never. *He pulled the entire eye out, exploding it in a force of wind.*

Vaati: *He yelled out and screamed in pain, falling back onto the ground as he bled out on the ground. His magic was beginning to undo as the stone Melody was in began to crack.*

Zant: *He looked over to his screaming friend, his eyes widening as they teared up. He ran over to him with his arms flailing in the air, running like a headless chicken.* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VALENTIIIIIIIIIIIIINESS!!! *He dropped to his knees when he made it to him, putting his sleeves behind his head and lifting it dramatically on his lap as he looked down* Who's going to feed me...?!

Link: *He watched as all his friends broke free from Zant's magic, as he turned over to Melody as he saw it begin to crack.* Melody...?! *He watched.*

Melody: *The stone continued to crack, light beginning to spew out of the cracks. The stone all fell and blew away, the light restoring her to a proper state. She felt really tired, not being able to hold herself up with her own strength after being stone. She began to fall forward.*

Link: *He ran up to catch her and moved his head against hers, smiling warmly into her golden hair as he looked down and kissed her head.* Melody... I'm home... *He smiled.* I know that makes no sense but I've been dying to say that... *He picked her up.* You're going to be okay... *He looked over to Vaati and Zant, sighing.*

Jade: *He smiled as his hands were in his pockets, lifting a leg up as he noticed Vaati's blood reaching to him, looking down at it and frowning. He hated when blood touched his boots.* Not this again... You're cleaning my boots, White.

White: *He nodded, running over to Melody and Link. He looked down to her exhausted face, smiling faintly as Link grinned.* Melody...

Zant: MY FRIEND NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION SOMEONE! *He cried as he desperately looked around, looking down and seeing himself covered in blood. He screamed.*

Melody: *Her butterfly flew over, circling the three before landing on White's shoulder, looking down at her unconscious state. Even if she was knocked out, she was still holding onto Link and leaning on him.*

Vaati: *He kept laying on the ground, his body fading into the wind and the wind grabbing Zant.* "Curse you Link..." *His voice echoed in the wind, and the castle they were in began to shake violently.*

Zant: While you're dying, my Lord... *He pulled out his birth certificate, placing it over him, though he phased through Vaati's body since he was fading.* This is my birth certificate.... my medical records...*He stacked them on the certificate, Zant moving up at this point from the wind.* NO WAIT THEY'RE GOING TO BLOW AWAY! TAKE THEM WITH YOU THEY'RE IMPORTANT! *He saw his medical records beginning to fly away, going into his sleeve and taking out Eggbert, dropping him on the papers to keep them from flying.* ...I love you Eggbert... *He held up a piece of paper as he was fading, reading out loud.* Let me just give you the brief summary of what my medication is for... ADHD... schizophrenia, dementia, multiple-personality disorder, bi-polar disorder, anti-social-personality disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, manic depression, and paranoid-personality disorder... *He looked down.* You're taking notes right? *He looked at Eggbert.*

Ven: *The castle began to fall apart and break with them in it.*... We don't have time for this guy!

Shunsui: *He moved a hand to his hat, sighing.* But the way we came in from is impassable now. *He looked over to Link.* Link, let's escape into Soul Society. *White's eyes widened.*

Ukitake: I think that's a great idea, Unohana could tend to the injuries.

White: I hate the Soul Society... *Winds began to form around him.* Zelda and Alonsa are waiting for us... I'll give you all a ride...

Tiercel: But White, we're in a new dimension it seems.. From what I've gathered, this is actually a dream dimension. Meaning that the wounds we gave to them.. didn't happen. If we don't get out now with Soul Society, we'll cease to exist.

White: *His eyes narrowed when he heard Tiercel, the winds stopping as he sighed and looked down.* I tried...

Harrier: Don't beat yourself down, you idiot. You saved Melody by kicking that guy’s a**.

Ukitake: Harrier's right, White... Also Unohana is a very kind soul, nothing like Captain Kurotsuchi. *He smiled, tilting his head as he pulled his sword out and began to open the Senkaimon.* Quickly, everyone.

White: *He nodded slightly, looking over to Melody as he smiled. Link let White carry her to cheer him up, having him to blink in silence as he looked down to her sleeping face in his arms. Link smiled as he rubbed White's back as the two of them headed inside the Senkaimon with her.*

Ra: *He held Aryll's hand as he entered, smiling as he blushed.* I'm so tired... I can't wait to go to Hanas... *He rubbed his eyes, yawning as he entered the Senkaimon with Aryll.*

Jade: Honestly... That's what you get for sneaking along. *He walked in with the rest of the group.*


End of Chapter 4.26
Chapter 4.27.1

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