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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
Monsters University and Eating At Golden Coral
I almost didn't get up today.

The kids had come to visit and my parents wanted to take us to the movies.

I was just too tired and didn't want to go.

But the kids convinced me in the end somehow.

I got ready in about 5 minutes or so(right before we had to leave haha).

Good thing I decided to go because I really wanted to see this movie.

It was so awesome and I loved it a whole lot(as did the kids).

My favorite parts involved Sully climbing the wall of Mike's dorm(the whole pig chasing deal lol), the part when Sully ended up carrying all of their group when they were running from the guards, and..actually any part involving Sully and Mike with their new friends.

After the movie we took some pics infront of the movie poster.

It was pretty sunny but I think the kids pic looked better than mine.

I stood infront of the poster with my niece but the sun really got in my eyes so yeah...haha

I looked like a pregnant alligator with my eyes closed. I say that because I was stretching with my hand on my back so my stomach was pushed forward and my shirt had a pretty emerald green alligator-ish pattern.

It looks pretty funny now that I think about it.lol

Then we went to Golden Coral because its an awesome place to eat. ^^

I helped my niece with her plate because I didn't want her to drop it.

But she did put her own food on it.

I also had to carry my own plate too. -__-;

I had to stop her at one point because she keeps choosing all of this food and I knew she probably wouldn't even eat all of it.

After we were done eating our first plates of food we all either got more(not that much) or we got desert.

Like my niece got some of those things you dip in the chocolate(it was a pink sugar star cookie and a rice crispie treat), I got icecream which I had to leave at the table because I had to help her get something(or it was to take her to the bathroom. again.), and I got one of those ricecrispie things too.

When I got back to the table my dad had eaten my icecream when he got back. -__-

I only found this out when my nephew told me. Because to be honest I thought one of them had eaten it.

I swear they are so little and they eat all this food. Where does it even go?!

So yeah I had to get more icecream and my nephew got another bowl.

By the time we left the place he had eaten 3 bowls of icecream and a cotton candy.

My oldest nephew ate one bowl of icecream and something else. Idk it might have been normal food.

My dad ate alot of meat and my mom didn't eat that much meat except for fish and some other stuff.

Before we left, I got a cotton candy but idk if my niece got one. I just remember my youngest nephew grabbing one before we left.

So yup. Thats what we did today. ^^

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