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Wasted a Bunch of Time Today
Spent most of my day today drawing pixelated cats on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Pros to this would include a snazzy new flag for my town and some fantastic artwork for my otherwise vacant house. Cons? Pretty much everything else. I need to learn how to manage my time.

Michael and I built a T.V. stand yesterday - FROM SCRATCH. That's right. We are awesome.

aaand... yeah. I am SO ready for our camping trip this week! Four days, two hours away, by ourselves! Biking, fishing, "swimming" (more like wading for me... I will never be comfortable if my feet don't touch), grilling... mmm... SMORES. YES.

Sorry. It is just going to be a very much needed vacation. And yes, sleeping outside in a tent is a vacation for me!

Nothing else has been going on really. Just video games, cats, and cleaning house.

Until next time,

[EDIT 8:45 p.m.]
Today was a very successful day online. I was given 100k and made two new friends.