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Grognar the Barbarian

Story: Once a proud warrior of the Crystal Empire, Grognar was the greatest general that Equestria had ever known. His tactics were brutal, but effective. Drunk with power, he was feared by all, except one, his wife was the only one who stood up against his bloodlust nature.

Zafina: "how much is enough Grognar?! When will it end?!"
Grognar: "When all shall accept the Elements of Harmony, or die!"
Zafina: "When all shall accept it or die, you did this for yourself!"

He was loved by many people for his heroic deeds. It was until one fateful day, that everything changed. The Buffalo Natives to the south, outnumbered his army by thousands, and descended upon Grognar's forces.....

.....without mercy.

Fearing for his life, Grognar called out to Sombra for help, in exchange for his soul. And with that said, Grognar gained a weapon fitting for a true warrior of Equetria: "The Abyssal Waraxe", forged in the fires of Margodolon and infused with the blood of Recaticolos. Once wielded, the axe would be bound to his soul, never to be lost, and with it, ultimate power. The rage of Grognar exploding within, soon all of Equestria would know the true meaning of fear. For years Grognar led his army on a journey of conquest across the world in the name of Sombra, mercilessly slaughtering all who stood in his path, now as a symbol of violence and war, no one was safe from his slaughter.

Not even the Crystal Empire itself.

Grognar: "They built this city and the cathedral within it as a testament to the Goddess of Love and to offer prayers and oaths to her! This very city stands as an affront against the all powerful Sombra! Burn the city! Burn it to the ground!"

Empowered by Sombra, Grognar's army was ruthless, feared throughout all of Equestria for their brutality, all that mattered was conquest in the name of Grognar, their great leader who has become near invincible.

He feared nothing.

But there was something about the city's cathedral that unsettled him, something forbidden. All his instincts told him he should never cross it's threshold, to never step inside.

Oracle: "Beware Grognar, the dangers within are more terrible than you know."

Despite the warnings of the cathedral's Oracle, her message fell on deaf ears, his ambition would not be denied, all who opposed him would die. He then stormed the cathedral and slaughtered all inside.

In that instant, the glory and power he had been drunk with, turned to horror. The image of his final victims would stay with him for all eternity. For how could he forget spilling the blood of his own family? A cruel trick orchestrated by Sombra, the god of war.

Grognar:" My wife, my children.....but how? They were back in Canterlot."
Sombra: "You are becoming all i need of you Grognar. Now with your wife and children dead, nothing can hold you back. You will become even stronger, you will become death itself."

And after his awakening to the bitter truth, Grognar knew who his enemy truly was, the god who saved his life so many years ago.

Grognar: "SOMBRA!!!"
Oracle: "From this day forth, the mark of your terrible deed will be visible to all. The ashes of your wife and children will be fastened to your hair, never to be removed."

And ever since that day, all of Equestria would know of the monster he had become, the Phantom of Equestria was born.

With this revelation, Grognar knew he could no longer serve his master, and after breaking his oath to Sombra, the Twilight ones came to retrieve their prize. As he was whisked away by these creatures, little did he know of the fate that awaited him. They would bring him to the Prison of Discord, the realm of chaos, a place forged by the Twilight ones with Discord's magic, a place where no mortal would ever dare to step foot. There he would remain imprisoned with no hope of escape. He would suffer years of punishment and torment at the hands of Cordesa, the goddess of death.

At first, the belief that the Avatars of Harmony would come to save him kept him alive. but as the years lapsed, Grognar lost all semblance of hope and with it, any thread of humanity left in him. The anger, the vengeance seethed within him and laid dormant for decades. With little sanity left, it was this rage that made him endure, believing the day would come when he would once again face the god who betrayed him.

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Yan the Monk

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Prince Remiel

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Maxwell the Arcane