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Reply to Gaara RP
Lorelai gave an amused snort at the idea of anyone wanting to hide from Gaara and tilted her head to the side in confusion at the absurdity of it. "Ehhh? Why on earth would anyone want to hide from you? You've been nothing but nice to me and you're even going out of your way to keep an eye out for trouble for me. Had it been anyone else, they would've tried to capture me, sell me, or attempted to kill me by now. You haven't done any of those things, so that makes you an okay person in my book. Anyone who says otherwise are just a bunch of ignorant, judgmental, narrow-minded idiots who are quick to condemn folk before getting to know anyone." She gave Gaara a wide genuine grin as she innocently spoke loudly enough for all the villagers within earshot to hear.