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smilies/icon_scream.gif So last summer was a bust. I lost my connection for a really long time. Here is what happened. ==> The day after I posted last my wifi was knocked out. when i got it back though it was super slow so in all it took like 2 months to fix it. Then i went to Job Corps and got my second chance. It is not like I was a bad kid or anything JC is a place to go when you don't have a job and need one. They train you and help you find a place to live and work. It really did save me. I also met my wonderful fiancee there ( I love you baby) so that was 9 months of my life. then for the past few months since i got out in may i have been in and out of my parents hause and am currently looking for work. so basically my life is a mix af good and ******** s**t.