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Ariel's Journal
Just my journal. Nothin special really.
Stress stress stress removed!
So this girl and I have been friends since we were twelve. We go off and on every once in a while, because, well, she's a ******** psycho. I only ever keep going back because I'm paranoid about her killing herself. ._. I don't like her, but I'd feel responsible somehow. Right now, she has a really bad roommate, who's even more ******** up than she is, and she's a phone sex operator on top of that. To make things worse, this girl taking on her roommate's personality. Fun, right?
Not so much. The last few months have been absolute hell. Especially since I've been dating my girlfriend, who is trans. She's been forcing the notion of 'he' onto her, and refuses to fix it, and argues when someone corrects her. And I mean, like, full scale arguing about it. She doesn't see that she's wrong, and she refuses to admit it. It really hurts her feelings when she does that, and it pisses me and all of her friends off.
On top of that, my girlfriend has been not only a professional model, but a photographers assistant, and she sews so beautifully. Like she's made top-notch quality corsets and everything. So here we are, doing an amateur photoshoot, and this little s**t thinks she can tell my girlfriend how to position s**t when she's a fashion school DROPOUT. Really? Okay, then, b***h. See how well your s**t attitude flies in the real world. That's a one-way ticket to getting your sorry a** fired.
Now, not only am I supposed to be doing YouTube videos with this snotty little b***h (I didn't even WANT to do the ******** videos in the first place. I got ******** pushed into it and didn't have a choice in the matter. ._.), but her loud-a**, rude, ghetto roommate is always around, barging in, acting like she's tough s**t, hitting me, and screaming at the top of her lungs. Really? It's a wonder how I haven't snapped yet, at this point.
So I disappear for a few weeks because the stress is getting to me, and she flips the ******** out, removes me from the YouTube channel's Facebook page, locks me out of the YouTube account, and goes around telling everyone I make fun of her.
Okay, so wait. You're treating me like s**t, treating my girlfriend/soulmate like s**t, and you're saying I'M making fun of YOU? Like literally really? I've lost my s**t on people for much, much less.
So that brings everything to this morning. I need to get my stuff from her house that I've accidentally left there. I knock on the door, and her psycho ******** roommate opens the door, THROWS my bag of things at me, and tells me that they're sick of my s**t and I'm not welcome. Hahaha, sweetie, I think you have the story wrong.
So not only is she an intolerant, annoying, wannabe know-it-all b***h, but she's also a ******** coward. I totally didn't see that coming. [/sarcasm]

BUT I feel a lot better now that that's done and over with. I blocked her number, blocked her psycho roommates number, and can move on with my life. So yay for me!

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