Lady Awesomepants
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Ext. About Me...

Today I think I will write a little bit more about myself. I am twenty-one, married, with two beautiful kitties I tend to obsess over. I dropped out of college as an English/Lit major. At the moment, I am considering restarting my Skyrim file to be an Orc instead of a Khajiit because they are way more my style; however, I consider this a major life decision, so I'm thinking about it first. I hold a lot of value in health and physical fitness. I enjoy working out and I do not willingly bring toxins into my body. I'm a pretty laid back person, and I try my best to live an unbiased, unfiltered life. I am more spontaneous than I should be, and I enjoy going places alone. I'm a realist, and a conversationalist, who happens to be a little too honest sometimes. I'm not one of those people that makes everything their problem, or their business. If love wasn't a factor I would say every man for himself. I'm going to go ahead and tell you I don't think highly of humanity - as a species, culture, or society - but I wouldn't mind talking to a couple of humans to pass the time.

Basically, I am what I am, like it or not, and I'm willing to be a friend.