Kimbley of Chaos
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Secondary Form: None.
Character Name: Katya Harrison.
Race: Wiccan.
Gender: Female.
Crush: Unknown.
Pet: Tatsumi and Takashi.
Age: 17.
Sexuality: Bisxual.
Role: Student.
Personality: Shes quiet at first but once adapted to the situation, shes outgoing, fun, and playful.
Weapon Of Choice: Scythes. Preferred scythe - Krakot.
Bio: When Katya was growing up, she would ride horses 24/7. One day while riding she pointed towards a bottle and it floated towards her. Midway she shot her hands up, scared, and it exploded. When her parents found out they knew she needed to relocate. Knowing she had 1 power, to freeze, already, they didn't set up or any regular school. They sent her to Tsukino High School.
Mentality: Sane, with a hint of madness.
Preferred Dorm Number: Doesn't Matter To Me.