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Character profiles and little stories
Max - BlackWolf
Born in japan, though she looks like she's from america, where Kumiko Tsukinose was raised for 3 years of her life. Her parents thinking they couldnt have kids gave her the middle name megumi which meant blessing. When she was 3 her parents had her little sister Hanaki. One year they were vacationing in america where her parents were killed and she nearly drowned. Scientists, the ones who killed her parents, took Kumiko and hanaki. Brainwashing them into thinking they were their family. They experimented on her, in result to it they triggered her mutation. Much like wolverine she had heightened senses, hearing and smell. She also mutated claws like sabertooth's except hers are non-retractable. She also got the ability to teleport within limit and a healing factor which is slower the. Logan's. Her mutation also turned her skin tan (looking like a teenager even though she's around the age of 20 when meeting Logan) and her eyes yellow to that of a feral wolf. The reason she was called black wolf or as the scientists called her "project Feral." She overheard they were going to kill her sister triggering her rage where she busted out of the containment unit, like wolverine had, and killed everyone but the scientists. She ran with her sister but they had caught Hanaki. Her sister pleaded for her to go and Kumiko did, leaving her dear sister behind. On the run, her overwhelmed rage and shock of losing her sister had triggered amnesia. All she new was she was running from someone. Over hearing the name max she had began to think it was her name. Eventually finding Charles xavier who took her in as his adopted daughter. Although she had passed out infront of him and when she awoke she had forgotten she was running away. She remembers finding g Charles however. Sometime growing up while being taken care of by prof. X, she developed a severe fear of storms and large bodies of water. When trying to find out where shes from she lived in Japan for a year, sometime before wolverine had joined them, where she lived with a Japanese man who was also a mutant - Kazuo. Where his mother had taken care of her as she searched for answers only finding out she's from Hokaido, Japan. She had a romantic relationship with Kazuo but it ended when she decided to go back to america. Kazuo had given her a picture of them and a sakura pin before she left and she had kept it since. She arrived a day before logan, just in time to meet him, however she still has feelings for Kazuo she had fallen for Logan as well. Getting to know Logan since they had to share her bedroom. She slept on the floor so she didn't mind anyway, she slept on the floor more often after finding out her heritage, giving Logan the bed willingly. She was much like a canine so she was used to sleeping on the floor. Eventually fell in a relationship with Logan although often worried it wouldn't work out due to his history of relationships. By that time Logan and Xavier were the only ones who could Comfort her during her worst fear. (Add more later)

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