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couple days ago had a strange dream. it was basically that i was given another shot with the good ex, went to her house but her family was like super high class and traditional. her dad asked me to poor there milk for some sort of daily thing they did but i had to do it a specific way in specific cups and i had no idea how to. i couldnt even find the cups. i got really nervous and started to panic and then my ex came in and got my the cups, and plate and showed me a little. i started to play with some little baby that was grasping my fingers and it was so cute. then i woke up. it made no seance.

last night i had a dream about my current gf. woke up thou with my blanket warped around my neck pretty tight and was sorta pinned down. must have been a rougher sleep then i thought.

should be a good week thou, lots of free stuff on star trek online and if my buddy dosnt cancel ill be getting my health card done tomarrow. got the gym to go to of coarse and things just seem like there going pretty well. not as well as id hoped but well enough.

have a good day all