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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
6th and last entry today! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif smilies/icon_neutral.gif smilies/icon_stare.gif This is on Tokumei sentai go-busters! (Special Ops Cell Go-Busters) It is the type with a red, blue, and yellow ranger, and the others come later. So, in this, the first three have a 'Buster Power' of:
Red Ranger: Super Speed
Blue Ranger: Super Strength
Yellow Ranger: Super Jumping/kicking Powers.
BUT they all have weak points of:
Red Ranger: If he is startled he freezes up ANYWHERE, including midair. Most common when he sees a chicken, since he has a phobia of them somehow.
Blue Ranger: When he uses his power too much, he overheats, and is a super violent person, like, can't-tell-friend-from-foe. it's really scary. Poor yellow ranger. She's only 16 when she sees him overheat in front of her for the first time.
Yellow Ranger: if she runs out of energy, she collapses and is unable to move. There's even an episode just FOCUSED on the weak parts. In battle, red ranger freezes up, blue ranger overheats, yellow ranger directly AFTER the battle collapses. it's fourth ranger is Beet Buster and the last one is Stag Buster. You know, BEETle and STAG beetle. It doesn't have a power ranger counterpart, so yeah.

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