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WARNING: The Following content is rated M! For sexual actions.
The Protectors Book Five Going Mad: As the new school year begins bring on great stress, to The Elements Of Weather, the group faces darker issues than they'd ever expect to go to through... As Rex's depression gets worse she turns to the worst possible answer to try and get over Trixie, while Wind seems to be getting quite sick... Snow grows worried, and back in Cinder Valley as Mike begins to attack Kate and Lois... Kate begins to cope with her fears in ways that just might kill her, And knowing that their sister is in pain... Leo and Weezy begin to make daily trips to help Katie, as Kairi goes on a mission to save Rexie from her depression, and Lois prepares to become a mother to her fifth pup.

Warning: Story is rated M for Mature!
"Wind, are you sure you're okay? I really think that something is wrong!"Snow whined.

"I'm fine, sis! I'm fine it's probably just a cold,"Wind replied rolling her eyes. She knew her sister loved and cared for her, but this was like the tenth time in a week that Snow had asked her that.

"I don't think it's a cold... I talked to mom and dad about it last night... And they agree! We all think you should go to the doctor,"The White Fox sighed.

"Really now? Come on, Snow! I'm fine!"The Blue-Eyed She-Fox hissed.

"No! You're not fine! Having fevers nearly all the time! Red spots on your fur! Wind this is not a cold!"Snow growled.

"Chicken Pox?"Wind suggested as she looked down at the floor.

"You'd be itching like crazy! And this is why we've got to find out what it really is! You're going to the doctor!"The Element Of Water added.

"Fine! I'll go!"Wind replied finally giving in.

"Good! Now let's get downstairs mom should have breakfast ready soon!"Snow cheered leaping out of her sister's room.

"Alright I'ma coming!"Wind barked as she followed her sis.
-------------At School-----------------
"Come on, Rex! It'll be so much fun! We're in grade ten dances are like... Supposed to be gone to! You gotta stop shrugging them off like last year,"Hunnie pointed out.

"I told you... I hate dances..."Rexie said sadly.

The Hunny Colored Fox sighed heavily... Ever since Trixie had died her best friend hadn't been the same.

"Hey... I know this has been hard for you, but you can't stay in the dumps forever! Rex you gotta move on,"Hunnie responded.

"NO I DON'T! JUST STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!"Rexie yelled loudly.

Then, Hunnie and all of the other students and teachers in the hallway, stared at the nine tailed surprised by her sudden out burst.

Mumbling under her breath, Rexie took off to her first class as the teachers and students went back to what they

were doing. However Hunnie just stood there in the hallways... She hated being her friend like this... It had

already been Two Months... How much longer would this go on for?
"So when the letter A is plus ten to the greatest number... What does that equal?"

completely unaware of the teacher's question, Snow's eyes were locked on Wind. The two shared math together and ever since Wind had gotten sick... Well the protective sister watched The Blue Fox carefully.

"Snow? Do you know the answer?"Ms. Pepper asked.

"Um..."The White Furred Fox said nervously.

"Miss Element Of Water! I expect you to be paying attention!"The Teacher hissed.

"Yes, ma'am..."Snow replied now looking up at the angry instructor.

"Good! Now then can anyone else answer the question for me?!"

The Blue-Eyed Fox shook her head as she tried to face the blackboard.

Despite her sister being sick, Snow still needed good grades.

"Come on girl! Focus you know you can do this!"The Troubled Fox thought to herself, as the teacher asked yet another question.

"I'll show Ms. Pepper that I am paying attention!"Snow added to herself, raising her left paw up to tell the answer.
------Later At Lunch-------
As usual Snow, Wind, Rexie, and Hunnie all sat together at lunch, and chatted about how their mornings had been.

"You know, Wind... Going to school looking like that... I hear it's making people concerned,"Hunnie said.

"I know, but I can't just stop going because I've got red spots on my fur!"Wind replied.

"If you say so..."Hunnie shrugged as her eyes fixed themselves on Rex.

"You sure you don't wanna go to the dance? It might briten your moo-"Sadly Hunnie did not get to finish her

sentence, as The Orange And White Furred Fox cut her off.

"No! I'm just gonna stay home..."Rexie muttered as she stared down at her lunch tray.

"O-Okay..."Hunnie managed to choke out as she closed her eyes for a slight second... This was really starting to bug her.

"So uh... I'm finally going to the doctor! Snow here wouldn't stop till I gave into the idea,"Wind added trying to break the tension.

"Oh... Awesome!"Hunnie replied faking a smile.

"Yep! We'll finally figure out what's wrong,"Snow smirked as she patted Wind's head.
"Katie! So sorry we're late!"Weezy barked as The She-Fox let him and Leo into the house.

"No biggie,"Kate responded as she grabbed her school bag, and gave her brothers each a hug.

"Well take care of Mom and the house while I'm gone! I'll see ya two tonight,"Katie added running out the front door.

"See ya!"Leo and Weezy replied in unison as they waved to their sis.

After that they closed the door and went to check on Lois, she was getting close to having her fifth pup... So the

brothers had been coming over to care for her, but also... Mike had been causing trouble lately too which was all

the more reason they came to Cinder Valley now as much as they could.

"I wonder if we're gonna get another sister, or a little brother!"Weezy spoke up.

"No idea, but I'm sure we'll rub off on 'em either way!"Leo laughed as they padded down to Lois's room.
--------Back In Lake Vill------------
School was over for the day so Snow and Wind headed home together, while Hunnie sticked around to hang out with Rexie.

"So... Can I help you in anyway? You know to make you feel like your old self again..."Hunnie said slowly walking along side her nine tailed friend.

"Just give me time, Hunnie... This is hard for me, but thank you for being here for me! It does mean a lot,"Rexie replied.

"No problem! So I was thinking you wanna do History homework together? Since we've got the same teacher and all,"The Element Of Earth added.

"Sure..."Rex responded as they came upon her house.

"Awesome! Let's get to it then!"Hunnie chirped.

"Yes let's,"Rex replied as she let out a heavy sigh... She was never going to get over her depression.

As the pair entered the house and closed the door behind them, they saw Kairi walking downstairs.

"Hey!"The Redhead greeted scoping Rexie up into her arms.

"Hey..."Rex muttered under her breath as she nuzzled into her master's neck.

"So! How was school you two?"Kairi asked putting Rexie down.

"Really good!"Hunnie howled as Rex rolled her eyes... She didn't like school anymore. No she didn't not just like it, she freaking hated it.

"Glad to hear that! Well I'll make ya guys some snacks,"Kairi said heading for the kitchen.

"Well shall we begin?"Hunnie suggested as she used her magic to take her school bag off, and set it down on the floor.

"Yeah,"Rexie answered as she too used her magic to take her bag off.

After that the two friends worked on their homework, ate their snacks, went back to work, and soon enough finished.

Then Hunnie headed on home to give Kairi and Rexie some alone time. The Hunny colored Fox knew that in a way, her best friend's master always made her feel better.

"So! How's my little Foxie feeling?"Kairi questioned as she snuggled Rex while they watched TV.

"Okay I guess..."Rexie managed to choke out.

"Just making sure!"Kairi replied faking a smile. She knew Rexie wasn't okay, but the human girl wasn't about to argue over the matter.
After their show ended, Rex and Kairi went up stairs to bed. The Fox slept in her own room that night. She'd spent the last couple of nights with her master, so getting some nice alone time was nice.

However as the hours began to pass The She-Fox awoke at early hours in the morning. Looking at her alarm clock, Rexie saw that it was only three am. She didn't need to be up for a few more hours, but instead of trying to get some more rest the little Fox jumped out of bed and headed out of her room.

Rex needed to get out of the house... And despite running into danger the last time she stepped paw outside at night, she just didn't care anymore no matter what or who was out there didn't bother her. No not anymore...

After getting out the front door without being heard, Rex walked down the streets and began to let all of her thoughts make a hold of her, however she was snapped out of her trance when she saw a black furred girl Fox standing
beside a pole.

"Hey there!"The Stranger smirked as she padded up to Rexie.

"Hi,"Rex responded as she glanced around.

"What is a pretty lady like yourself doing out here at this hour?"The Unknown Fox asked.

"Just out for a walk... Trying to clear my mind,"The Nine Tailed explained.

"Of what, Hun?"The Black Fox questioned.

"Umm... Well this old crush of mine passed away and I had it bad for her, but I never got to tell her how I felt...

And I miss her so much I loved her,"Rex admitted sadly.

"Loved her? Well that sucks, but if it makes you feel any better I have it hard too... My parents died, I dropped

out of High School last year and I live on the streets,"Miss Stranger replied.

"Life is hard on us all,"Rexie pointed out as she closed her eyes for a moment.

"Yeah, but hey! I have the perfect idea to help ya feel better!"Barked The Street Fox.

Great! What is it?"The Amber-Eyed Fox asked.

"Follow me! Oh and the name's Lisa,"The Green-Eyed Fox howled.

"Lisa... Nice name!"Rexie responded as she followed her new 'friend' to the back of a gang way...

Now then! Lay down I'll take it from here,"Lisa added.

Rexie nodded and then did as she was asked... Then she felt Lisa get on top of her and began to hump her.

Suddenly the nine tailed Fox relaxed to the actions and smiled.

"T-This feels good..."Rex purred happily.

"I'm glad! And we can do this every night too!"Lisa replied as she continued to hump Rexie.

"I'd love that! May... May I try something?"The Amber-Eyed Kitsune responded.

"Sure,"Lisa answered as she got off of Rex and then waited for instruction.

"Alright... Lay on your back,"Rex said slowly.

Lisa grinned and did just that, allowing Rexie to see her 'area' to which the Fox began to suck on.

The Street Fox moaned as she kicked her back legs up. She was enjoying the touch of Rex feeling her.

"Oh my gosh... Who knew that Oral Sex could feel so good!"The Black Furred managed to choke out.

"Yeah!"Rexie agreed as she smiled for the first time, in like... decades.

"Can I do you now?"Lisa asked giving Rexie a flirtly look.

"Yes indeed you can!"The Orange And White Furred Fox said as she moved away, from Lisa's v****a and laid down on her

-----Later That Morning------
Thankfully, Kairi was still asleep when Rexie returned home. So The Little Fox made herself some breakfast, took a

bath, and fixed up her fur for another day of school.

At around 7:30, The Redheaded Master awoke for her College Classes and went downstairs, where she saw her Pet reading a book.

"Hey! Good morning, Sweetie,"Kairi greeted.

"Morning..."Rexie mumbled as she kept her eyes on the pages of her book. She was reading this really awesome novel from the school library.

"Don't forget you need to get out the door in ten!"The human girl added as she took out some eggs from the fridge.

"I won't forget... I'm always on time,"Rex replied, rolled her eyes.

"Just making sure! You know daily reminders are always good!"Kairi pointed out.

"Yeah, Yeah..."Rex muttered under her breath.

After that Kairi and Rexie talked until it was time for the Fox to go. Rex used her magic to strap her school bag to

her back, and then headed out the door to school.

When Rexie arrived at the High School she met up with Snow, Wind, and Hunnie outside, and then the group headed inside together.

"So today Wind, our Parents and I are all going to the doctor! We don't have to wait for the weekend to see what's going on,"Snow cheered.

"That's great! I'm glad to finally know Wind here will be taken care of,"Hunnie replied.

"Me too!"The White Furred Fox said.

"I must admit... I'm kinda happy to be going these red spots and fevers are annoying!"Wind chimed in.

"Seems like it!"Snow responded as she glanced at Rex.

Her Nine Tailed Friend was walking with her head hung low... Her ears were dropped over head and her tails instead

of sticking up in the air, where all low to the ground.

Sure, Rexie had been depressed since Trixie died, but... She had never looked like this before.

"Hunnie! What's up with Rex? Look how sad she is today..."Snow whispered into the hunny colored Fox's ears.

As the element of earth looked up she saw the recent chance in her best friend... "Oh my god... She's even worse now... Poor thing,"Hunnie thought as she eyed Rexie sadly.
--------In Cinder Valley-------------
"Weezy! Can I have some more water please?!"Lois called from her room.

"Yes! I'll get it right away, Mom!"Weezy replied as he ran to the kitchen.

Leo had work and College so Weezy was on his own today. And even though it was hard work doing school, taking care

of family, and working to keep a house... The two male Foxes didn't mind since they had work and classes on different days, it was easy to find a way to always come up to Cinder Valley and when they both had the day off it was a lot easier too.

"Here you go!"The Male Fox said running into his Mother's room, with the bottle of water in his mouth.

"Thank you, Dear!"Lois replied as she took the water happily.

"You're welcome!"Weezy responded smiling kindly.
------------Later That Day-------------------------
Katie was on her way home from College, when all of a sudden she heard a twig snap nearby.... The She-Fox quickly looked around as she walked a little faster than before. As she eyed her surroundings... Katie noticed Mike hiding behind a pole across the street watching her.

She was being stalked by her own father.... Then Kate gulped as she began to run down the street, as fast as she could possibly go.

Not even daring to look back, Katie reached her house and quickly opened the door, and slammed it shut behind her as she locked it.

"Kate! You're home!"Weezy barked as he walked out of the living room to greet his sis.

"Yes and I couldn't of been more thankful..."Katie managed to choke out.

"What's the matter?"Weezy asked.

"Dad... He was following me home... He was stalking me! I had to run here!"The Black and White nine tailed cried.

"Oh my god..."The Brother Fox mumbled as he took his sister into a tight hug.

"It's okay! I'm here and I'm safe,"Kate sighed as she pulled out of the embrace.

"Alright,"Weezy replied as he tried to calm himself down.

"Oh and please don't tell Mom! I don't want her to know Dads stalking me now... It'll just upset her,"Katie added.

"Don't worry! I won't say a word,"Weezy responded.

"Good..."Kate said nervously as she glanced towards the window by the front door...
----------Back In Lake Vill---------------
"Okay, Wind! Sit up here and let's take a look at ya,"The Nurse said.

"Kay!"The Blue Fox replied jumping onto the examination table.

"So the doctor is also going to look at her too, right?"Jule asked.

"Yes she is so don't worry your daughter is in good paws here! We'll figure out what the problem is," Nurse Med answered as she looked at the teenaged Fox.

"Alright! Doctor Kite should be in soon!"The Nurse added as she finished up with Wind.

"Sounds good!"Jule and Sammy said in unison as Nurse. Med left the room.

"Oh! Our baby girl!"Jule barked as she looked at Wind.

"I'm fine, Mom,"Wind said trying to keep herself at ease.

"Well your Mother and I feel something is really wrong, hun... Something really wrong..."Sammy sighed as he looked at the ground.

"I feel fine right now though,"Wind pointed out.

"Until your fevers start back up that is!"Snow chimed in.

"Oh hush!"Wind hissed as she rolled her eyes... She knew something wasn't right too, but unlike the rest of her family... The Element Of Air was not going to admit it.

However as The Doctor entered the room she didn't say a word to the family... She just looked Wind over and bit down on her lower lip... She pretty much knew what was going on, but there was only one way to make sure that she was correct.

"Okay you guys... Doctor Kite began. I believe Wind here needs to go for a..."
-------The Next Day------------
Hunnie and Rexie had waited for Wind and Snow outside the school, for a while now... But the sisters were no where

to be found and when Rex or Hunnie called their cell phones... Well it went right to voice mail every time.

"I hope everything's okay... I know Wind went to the doctor you think something happened?"Hunnie said as she and her best friend went inside.

"I don't know... Maybe,"Rexie replied.

"Hmm..."The Hunny Colored Fox thought out loud.

"Well I'm gonna get to class..."The Nine Tailed Fox muttered.

"Kay! See ya at lunch,"Hunnie responded.

And with that the two friends went off to start their day.... With no idea that the reason Wind and Snow weren't

picking up was a lot worse than anyone would expect.
-----------------Later That Day------------------------
Snow and Wind still weren't picking up the phone... Even after School was over. Which sent Hunnie and Rexie a horrible feeling into their heads.

The best friends worked on their homework together, and then split for the rest of the evening.

As the night grew older and Kairi went to sleep... Rexie snuck out of the house once again to meet up with Lisa.

Both Foxes planned to stay together for most of the night. They met up at the wooden pole and then headed to an alley to get busy...

Seeing Lisa made Rex feel good... Her mood perked up knowing she'd be feeling good. Her tails stood straight up, as did her ears when the sex began. She loved it... She loved it a lot.
------------The Next Morning-----------
Snow had called Hunnie that morning... She had sounded really upset when she asked for her and Rexie, outside The

High School thirty minutes before classes began.

The pair waited for their third friend with worried swimming through their brains... So many things could've

happened to Wind, but what exactly did happen? That answer was something they needed to know... However it was scary at the same time.

Soon enough Snow appeared at the school... Her fur was messy and her eyes were super red and watery... She had been crying a lot. Maybe even sobbing. Her noise was all stuffed up and it seemed as if she hadn't slept well since Rex and Hunnie had last seen her.

"Rex, Hunnie... The Red Spots and Fevers Wind has been having... Tested positive for Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she has Cancer..."Snow managed to choke out before as she began to sob uncontrollably.

"Oh my god... Oh my god..."Hunnie stuttered as Rex's eyes began to water... No this couldn't be happening it just couldn't be.

"Is she gonna be okay?"Hunnie asked nervously.

"We don't think so... The doctors say there's only a 20% Survival Rate for her..."Snow breathed through clenched teeth.
---------Later At The Hospital-----------
Wind was under none stop supervision... The doctors had started her on the chemotherapy hoping that it would help.

"Oh my god! Wind are you okay?!"Hunnie asked in a panicked state, as she, Rexie, and Snow bolted into the room.

"Yeah..."The Blue Fox sniffled weakly.

"This is horrible! I'm so sorry you two have to go through this!"Hunnie barked as Rex sadly stared at the floor.

"It's alright... We'll be fine... Right, Wind?"Snow replied.

"Right..."Wind responded not daring to look her sister, nor her friends in the eyes... She was way too scared.

--------------In Cinder Valley---------------
Leo had left Kate and Lois's house for the day, when the College Student had arrived home. Despite being home

though... The day wasn't over yet cause not only did Katie have a lot of homework, and had to help her mom... But

also Mike had been sending Lois and herself life threatening texts.

Hearing the beeping of her phone, Lois opened it up to see the tenth text of the day: "Lois... I'm planning

something for you and Kate, I've been around your house to figure things out... You won't be alive for much longer,"

After reading the text, The Mother Fox gulped as she put her phone down... Both her and Kate didn't want to get the police involved... They wanted to handle this on their own, but it was starting to get really out of paw.
-----------------The Next Day------------
Weezy had to fill in for someone at work, so Leo had to take the day off from his job and school for the day... He

went up to Cinder Valley to take care of his mom and watch the house like always. But he had this awful feeling in the pit of his stomach, as if something really bad was going to happen soon.

However, Leo shook off the feeling because he needed to focus! Yeah everything would be just fine... Just fine. He and Weezy just needed to help their family out for a while, and then things would go back to normal.
------------Back In Lake Vill------------
Wind had begun to lose some of her fur due to treatment... And the young Fox did not like it one bit. Because not only did she have to go through so much chemotherapy, but she also had to keep up in school...

A teacher came for a few hours a day to the hospital to help her study... Which just made this mission of being able to stay alive much harder...

How could school even matter at a time like this? So what if she got held back or had to catch up next summer... Right now she just wanted to get better and go home.

But would she ever even see the outside again? That question burned Wind to the core... Cause there was such little chance....
As the weeks began to pass, Snow grew depressed and scared due to Wind being so sick... She couldn't focus on school

that much... She'd zone out during class, she couldn't sleep well so she'd be tired... Her grades began to slip...

And if that wasn't enough.... Rexie was still having secret sex every night with Lisa after Kairi went to sleep,

Mike kept harassing Katie and Lois to the point where they would be up, for more than a week straight because of being so scared.

Leo and Weezy had to come over more often while dealing with School and Work... It was a lot.

One night... In late September Lois and Katie were fast asleep when a huge banging, from the front door screamed through out the house...

"Mom!"Kate cried as she ran into the older Fox's room.

"I know, sweetie... I know,"Lois replied nervously.

"YOU ******** BETTER OPEN UP! OR I SWEAR I'LL BREAK THE DOOR DOWN!"Yelled a loud voice from the outside.

"Oh my god... It's dad!"Katie hissed as she began to panic.

"Don't worry we'll just go out the back door and go get help... I know he ca-"Howeve Lois was didn't get to finish

her sentence... When the door slammed open and then slammed shut.

"Come on let's go! Now!"The College Aged Fox barked as Lois jumped off of her bed.

"Where are you two!? I'm gonna get ya both!"Mike mocked in a playful tone as he laughed.

With that the mother and daughter quiet headed out of the room... Hearing that Mike went upstairs... Which they weren't at.

So Lois and Kate made their way for the back door, but sadly before they could get to safety... They heard paw steps coming down the stairs... And both Foxes froze in their tracks.

"Well, Well, Well! Would you look at this! Two lovely Foxes trying to escape!"The Made Killer growled.

"Oh my god... Mike please don't!"Lois pleaded as she and Kate turned around, to see the male Fox holding a knife in his left paw.

"Too late, Lois... Too late..."Mike spat as he lunged for his ex wife.

"NO!"Kate screamed as she jumped in the way, causing her and Mike to knock into each other.

"YOU LITTLE BRAT!"The Male Fox hissed as he kicked his daughter into the wall.

"AHHH!"Katie screamed as her body hit the floor.

"Mike..."Lois said slowly as she backed up into the back door...

"Lois..."Mike smirked as he came closer to The Female Fox with his knife.

And then... There was a blood curdling scream... As everything went black.
"OF COURSE! WE'LL BE THERE!"Kairi cried into the phone and then put it down with a slam.

"REXIE! REXIE PIE! GET DOWN HERE NOW!"The Redhead screamed from the bottom of the stair case.

"What? What's the matter..."Rex grumbled as she came down the stairs.

"YOUR MOM! SHE'S IN THE HOSPITAL! WE'VE GOT TO GO TO CINDEY VALLEY NOW!"The Human Girl answered in a loud tone.

"OH MY GOD!"The Nine Tailed howled as she opened the door, and ran outside not waiting one second for her master to

catch up.

"Oh gosh..."Kairi thought as she started after her pet.
-------In Cinder Valley----------
Kairi and Rexie got to the hospital at 4: AM. After The Human Master packed the car, the pair jumped out and then headed inside.

"Hello! How may I help you?"The Woman At The Front Desk asked as Rexie and Kairi walked up to her.

"Hi! We're here to see Lois Pie! She's my mother,"Rex replied with tear filled eyes.

"Right this way,"The Woman responded as she led The Human Girl and The Nine Tailed Fox into the hallways.

"Here ya go!"The Desk Lady added, coming upon the room.

"Thank you!"Kairi and Rexie said in unison before opening the door and going in.

As they walked inside... The P&M Pair saw Leo, Weezy, and Katie all looking up at them, as Lois laid in the hospital bed wrapped in bandages.

"Rexie..."Katie began. "I-I... have to tell you something... Dad's in jail he broke in at around midnight... Stabbed

Mom and tried to murder her, but I was able to get to a baseball bat we have and I used it to knock him out after he hurt Mom... Then I called the nine one one... And here we are,"The College-Aged Fox finished.

"Oh my god... Oh my god..."Rex managed to choke as she felt a great feeling of sickness over take her.

"Sweetie, come here..."Kairi sighed as she pulled her Fox into her arms.

"MOM!"Rexie cried as she broke down into a sobbing fit.

Everyone else looked down at the floor in sadness... Would Lois survive this? No one knew... And that's what sucked the most.
-----------The Next Day----------
Snow and Hunnie were at school wondering where Rex was. The Nine Tailed Fox had never missed many school days... At lunch both tried calling her, but got her voice mail right away. The two began to panic knowing what had happened, when Wind or Snow herself hadn't answered the phone. So this had to be bad, right?

"I don't understand! What could she be doing!?"Hunnie barked in frustration.

"No idea... I just hope she's okay,"Snow responded as she sighed.
----------------------Five Hours Later-----------------------------
After school was over Hunnie and Snow went over to Rexie's house... To find that no one was home.

"This is strange, Snow! I won-"However Hunnie did not get to finish her sentence, when all of the sudden Kairi and Rex pulled up in the driveway.

"Look they're back! She's okay!"The White Furred Fox cheered.

"Thank god..."Hunnie mumbled as her and Snow padded over to the car.

Then Rex and Kairi both stepped out of their vehicle and gave the two other Foxes a sad look.

"What's going on? We didn't see you at school today..."Snow trailed off nervously.

"My Mom... She's in the hospital my Dad tried to kill her, but she's gonna be fine... However she lost the baby..."Rexie explained.

"Oh my god!"Hunnie barked as she pulled her bestie in for a hug.

"It's okay I guess..."Rex muttered.

Snow gave her friend a look of empathy as she too joined the embrace.

Kairi sighed a she watched the three friends. She was happy her pet had others to go to, but the day had been so stressful and they were exhausted.

"Alright, Rexie... Let's go inside and take a nice long nap, I'll call you in sick tomorrow too! You need a day of

rest badly,"The Redhead said.

"Kay!"Rex responded pulling away from her buddies.

"Tell Wind I said hi when you see her! I'll be back in school later this week,"The Amber-Eyed Kitsune added to her pals, before following her master inside.

"I will! Feel better, Rexie!"Snow replied as Hunnie waved her paw at The Element Of Fire.
Later that night when Snow visited Wind at the hospital she was sad to see that sister, was still without all of her fur.

Of course it wouldn't grow back for a long time, but ever since Wind's fur had all fallen out... Well that's just

say it bothered The Blue-Eyed Fox more than she let on.

"Oh, Sis..."Snow thought to herself as she watched Wind sleep peacefully in the hospital bed.

Snow sighed quietly as she hoped to god that her sister would be alright, cause if she wasn't gonna make it... Miss Water Fox wouldn't know what do with herself.
And so the week went on... Lois stayed in the hospital due to having a bad cut, but the doctors had said she could

go home in another week so it wasn't that bad. However Kate was now the only one there night and despite no longer

being in danger... She got lonely when visiting hours were over and had to go home.

Then... One day after College was over for the day, Katie was going to exit the classroom... When a Male Fox right around her age pulled her aside.

"Hey! It's Kate, right?"Asked The Guy Fox.

"Yeah,"Kate answered rolling her eyes.

"Well! I wanted to ask if you'd like to out for dinner tonight? My treat!"Mr. Stranger added.

"Sure! I'd love to!"Katie cheered.

"Great! Just gimme your address I'll pick you up..."
----------------------------Later That Night---------------------
Sure enough... The Fox who had offered to take Katie on a date, who's name was Rough... Showed up at the house. He had dark Black Fur, Amber Eyes, and a long bushy tail.

"Hey! Ready to go?"Rough asked as Kate stepped outside.

"Yeah,"The Black And White Nine Tailed replied.

"Alright then! Let's get going,"The Dark Fox responded as he led Kate down the street.

Rough took Kate out to a nice new fancy restaurant called Candlelit Moon.

After dinner was over as the pair walked back towards Katie's house... Rough glanced over to see an alley coming into sight.

Smiling devilishly, Rough looked over at Kate... And known he had gotten her for sure.

"Hey! Come over here for a minute,"The Male Fox said as he walked up beside the alley.

"Uh... Okay?"Katie replied in confusion.

However... Just as she had stopped walking, Rough pulled her into the alley and put a paw over her mouth... So she knew exactly what was going on.

"NO! OH GOD NO! NO!"Katie cried as she tried to kick Rough away from her... But it didn't do a thing. The Sex Craving Male was way too strong.

"I-I promise I won't say a word!"Kate sobbed as she tried hard to breath.

"THEN GO!"Rough added with bitterness in his voice, letting go of his victim.

As Katie ran home... She tried her best to control her emotions... She'd just been raped!

And as sad as it may sound... Kate knew she had to keep this a secret... Cause not only could she and Lois get hurt, but... Also it meant that Lois who already had a lot on her plate... Would be even more upset after hearing about her older daughter getting herself into a date-rape.

When she got home... The College-Aged Fox ran into the bathroom, took the razor from the shower... And held it to her wrist.

She'd never done this before, but Kate felt it was the only way to get her anger out...

And so Katie began to cut and cut... She screamed a few times as the blood left her body... But she wasn't stopping her new act anytime soon.
---------------------------------Back In Lake Vill-----------------------
Rex was sneaking out of the house to go and meet Lisa. It was one in the morning and Kairi was fast asleep.

"This is gonna be a another nice night of sex!"Rexie cheered to herself as she walked down the street, meeting her friend at the pole like always.

"Hey you! Let's get going! I've got a surprise!"Lisa barked.

"You do?"Rexie questioned looking up at her 'friend'.

"Yep! Follow me,"The Street Fox smirked as she led Rex down the city street, and into a deep dark alley.

It was a familiar... Rex remembered this alley for some reason... But why did she? I mean yeah she had sex with Lisa, but it was always in the same gang way... And this wasn't the place they went to that's for sure.

"Well would you look at this! She's back!"Laughed a voice which sent a horrible chill down Rexie's spine... As she turned her head... She saw the Six gang Foxes that had beaten her and snow... But most importantly they had raped her...

Then... Rex gulped as she thought about that night... It had been terrible...

"How could I be so stupid? I've been having sex to make me feel better... And now I'm in danger again,"Rexie thought as Lisa smiled widely at the Six male Kitsunes.

And just as Rex was being pinned down by the same Fox who had raped her before, a police car drove up outside of the alley, and then three cops got out and headed over to the Foxes.

"HEY GET AWAY FROM HER!"Yelled the three cops as they pulled the one gang Fox off of Rexie.

"AND THE REST OF YOU! COME WITH ME!"Another of the three police hissed as the third cop glared at them.

With that Lisa, and the Six gang Foxes followed the two other officers to the car.

"Are you okay?"Asked the first cop.

"Y-Yeah I think so..."The Orange And White Fox managed to choke out.

"My Name's Officer Richard... Can you please tell me what happened?"The Cop sighed.

"Well... I uh... I've been pretty messed up since the day my crush got killed... She saved my life by pushing me out of the way when a car was coming... And she got hit... I never got to tell her I loved her, and after that I began to make myself feel better by having sex with that other female Fox... We've been at it for months now, but those gang Foxes the other police took... They raped me before... And beat me and my friend Snow badly. We didn't say anything to anyone for a while though... Until of course I was pregnant and then my family and friends found out,"Rex explained.

"Oh my gosh... My dear I am so sorry,"Officer Richard replied as he hugged the young Fox.

"It'll be okay, Sweetheart... Now then who can I call to come and pick you up?"The Policeman added.
When they got back home... Kairi and Rex talked for hours and hours... They were fine, but... The Redhead had been so worried about her pet that just had to explain a lot of things. Soon enough their longest conversation was over with much needed things said... And some ideas made. The little Fox would start counseling soon and had promised to never do what she did again, The Human Girl had told her Kitsune to just talk to her, or go to her for anything in the future.

And so... Life went on for Rex. She had Kairi by her side though it all and she was going to be okay.
--------------------Four Weeks Later-----------
Kate and Lois were hanging out downstairs and Katie was beginning to feel the need to cut herself. It wasn't just when she felt bad anymore... No it was whenever. Thankfully though The Moma Fox didn't know because Kate made sure to not cut too much at once and would clean the wounds.

But tonight... It wasn't just because she wanted to do it... No Katie was having a moment about the night she had been raped. Hell she could even be pregnant and just not know it yet!

"Mom, I'll be back! I wanna go get my laptop,"Kate lied as she stood up.

"Alright, Sweetie!"Lois responded in a happy tone.

And so... The Young Adult Fox went into the bathroom and grabbed the razor... She began to do her thing, but she was knew she couldn't go on like this much longer... It was either spill the beans... Or do something that would make her be able to never tell.
It was an hour till midnight... When Rexie's cell phone rung on Kairi's night stand. The two were cuddling, but of course wanting to see who it was at such an hour, Rex took the phone into her paws and saw that it was her Mom.

"Hey, Mom! What's up?"Rexie asked as Kairi sat up looking at her pet. She was wondering why the mother was calling this time of night...

"Rex, your sister Katie is dead... She committed suicide in the bathroom a little while ago... I just found her body..."Lois sniffled as she began to sob.


---------End Of Book Five-----------