Every fisherman's dream was caught in a simple fashioned net within a matter of moments. The dark blue eyed mermaid sensed fear, confusion, and death shooting through the water of which she swam. Instead of swimming away the courageous mystical creature headed in the direction. Unfortunately she was only able to get her hands on one male. The young beauty had never come into physical contact with a human ever before not to mention one of the opposite sex. His crew's ship had gotten caught up in a bad storm, one that they could navigate through. The thrashing waves rolled as lightning struck.

Arianna kicked her fin as hard as she could but she eventually was caught up in the swell. One moment she remembered pressing the sailor's chest against her own and the next she had washed up along the shore of some country. This mermaid was like no other. She was royalty and in her genes ran the ability for her fin to transform into human legs as soon as her body was dry.