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Unique Collection of all my RPCs.
~Vani's RPC Profile~
-Vani Savior- // ~Renascence~

⊰Basic Character Information:

[»]True Name: Raina Minuit
[»]Nicknames: Vani Nox or Vani
Current: SCOA, Sarge Tech, CRE (Assist)
Prior: Leader of United, Reaver Dynasty, Polaris Tech, Preatorium Foundation, Ex-Cassiel.
[»]Occupation: None at this time.


[»]Appeared Age: Late Twenties.
[»]Actual Age: 40 (Aging Process Halted)
[»]Date of Birth: 06/25/1983
[»]Gender: Female
[»]Sexuality: Straight
[»]Zodiac: Cancer
[»]Place of Birth: Unknown
[»]Race: Human, Paradox.
Paradox: The state in which a person can no longer die from illness or natural causes. Death is still possible by means of being killed, however the person will cease aging, keeping their current appearance and vitality. This is by no means “godly” or “invincible”.
[»]Heritage: Unsure.
[»]Height: 5‘5“
[»]Weight: 130 lbs
[»]Build: Solid
[»]Skin Color: Toned
[»]Blood Type: B Positive
[»]Natural Eye Color: Grey
[»]Natural Hair Color: Chestnut
[»]Current Hair Color: Stark White (After joining Cassiel)
[»]Hair Length: Shoulder-length
[»]Hair Style: Layered
[»]Defining Facial Features: Steel Hued Eyes
[»]Dominant Hand: Right (Ambidexterity mastered for combat purposes)
[»]Speech Patterns: Clear, Unwavering.


[»]Marital Status: Married with Children.
[»]Birth Father: Unknown
[»]Adopted Father: Atticus Prealior
[»]Birth Mother: Unknown
[»]Adopted Mother: Jakz Cassiel
[»]Siblings: None
[»]Adopted Siblings: Kale Avery, Tali Cassiel, Mechi, Bree.
[»]Family Finances: Handled by Sarge Tech.
[»]Best Friends: Michiru Nai, Yerra, Area Sarge Parker, Seth Sarge, Haseo Tanaka.
[»]Children: Kei Arthias Kattis (Age: ?), Adrian Savior (Age: ?), Olivia Savior (Age: 19), Alan Savior (Age: 19)

[→]Major Personality Traits:

[→] Likes:
[»]Family and Friends
[»]Inventing new ways to liven the community.
[»]Building Alliances

[→] Dislikes:
[»]The military

[»]Bad Habits: Stubborn
[»]Good Habits: Trustworthy .
[»]Best Memory: When Church proposed.
[»]Worst Memory: Almost dying at Skarr‘s hands. .
[»]Proud Of: Her friends and family.
[»]Temperament: Easy to set off, laid back.

[→] Friendships [Allies]:

-Seth Sarge
-Area Parker
-Sol Arthias Kattis
-Rue Kame
-Haseo Tanaka
-Ceric Leox
-Yozen Takeda
-Clauvis Urteil

[→] Rivalries [Enemies]:

-Emire Castigare
-Szandor Cassiel

[→] Quotes:

[»]” You‘ve got to stand for something, or you‘ll fall for anything.”

[→]Brief Biography:
[»] Vani‘s past life is mostly a haze. She was one Raina DiFirenze, married, but after the murder of her family became Raina Minuit, Raina eventually moved on, changing her name to Vani Nox. She met Haseo Tanaka and Sol Arthias Kattis and they became best friends, until meeting Sanctus. Vani lost her soul to Sanctus and in an attempt to get it back, Haseo went to Amatok Shubin, cutting a deal to get Vani‘s soul back, in that deal Haseo joined the Cassiel family, Vani quickly followed suit and Sol as well, by losing a fight to Atticus Cassiel. Vani became loyal to the Cassiel and was a Matriarch by marriage to Sol. Upon leaving Cassiel, Vani lost Sol when he killed himself and eventually came to love Church Essence. She has a family now, several children and became Leader of United until recently giving up the guild to find a new outlet. Upon meeting her first son, Adrian, also known as “Skarr” Vani was captured and imprisoned in his dimension, having almost died of starvation, Vani was visited by the Diamesian Xaphriel, her soul taken to his Garden, allowing her to pass peacefully. However, upon Vani’s Prayer to Xaphriel, her soul was returned to the world and she was revived. (As long as Xaphriel holds her soul in his Garden and Vani’s body is saved, through her Prayer, she can return anytime.

⊰Offensive/Defensive Traits:


[»]Crystal Elemental Essence: Vani can use the element of Crystal in any shape or form, whether it be forming Crystal shards or embodying the element itself, becoming the Essence of Crystal and changing her own body into Crystal for offensive or defensive purposes. (The process of hardening her entire body takes 2 posts. Generally her limbs are the first to harden (Post 1) Followed by the rest of her (Post 2).)


[»]Left leg is composed of Adamantium, Vibranium, Phuduudium, which is a living metal, and heals the leg if it gets damaged and connects with the person using it, adjusting and growing to the person, and a liquid metal that binds it all together.
[»]Right Arm is made of AVP as well, only it has been added with an extra feature. There is a built-it air engine that sucks in air and compresses it, which in turn releases it back out in a burst of pressure. This arm was created by Clauvis using a sample from her left leg after her nearly losing her arm.


[»]Vani carries a strand of white beads that she wears wrapped around her left wrist, generally using them as a distraction during fights, the make of the beads appears to be plastic, though their true make is Adamantium.

[→]Combat Theme:
[»]Derezzed-Daft Punk


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