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Unique Collection of all my RPCs.
{RPC Sheet: Kaley Guise}

⊰Basic Character Information:

[»]True Name:Kaleidoscope, Serenia
[»]Nicknames: "Kaley" "Guise"
[»]Affiliation: None
[»]Occupation: “Entrepreneur”


[»]Appeared Age: Twenties?

[»]Actual Age: Aeons

[»]Date of Birth: None

[»]Gender: "Female"

[»]Sexuality: Straight

[»]Zodiac: Gemini

[»]Place of Birth: Unknown

[»]Race: Extraterrestrial in a Human Host

[»]Heritage: Outcast.

[»]Height: 5’6"

[»]Weight: 115 lbs

[»]Build: Thin

[»]Skin Color: Toned

[»]Blood Type: A Negative

[»]Natural Eye Color: Silver

[»]Natural Hair Color: White

[»]Current Hair Color: Varies

[»]Hair Length: Varies

[»]Hair Style: Varies

[»]Defining Facial Features: Ever-changing

[»]Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

[»]Speech Patterns: Upbeat//Calming


[»]Marital Status: Single
[»]Birth Father: Deceased
[»]Adopted Father: None
[»]Birth Mother: Deceased
[»]Adopted Mother: None
[»]Siblings: None
[»]Adopted Siblings: None
[»]Family Finances: Her own
[»]Best Friends: None
[»]Children: None


[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Hyped
[»] Confident
[»] Quick-witted
[»] Easygoing

[→] Likes:
[»] Fighting
[»] Being spontaneous
[»] Danger

[→] Dislikes:
[»] Egos
[»] Idiocy

[»]Bad Habits: Wild Card
[»]Good Habits: Trustworthy
[»]Best Memory: Hm..
[»]Worst Memory: Failing her first job.
[»]Proud Of: Herself.
[»]Temperament: Excited

[→] Friendships [Allies]:

- None yet
- None yet

[→] Rivalries [Enemies]:

- None

[→] Quotes:

[»] “Better hold on!”

[→]Brief Biography:
[»] Guise's spontaneous attitude has gotten her in and out of trouble by the skin of her teeth. She longed for adventure since she was younger and loves the adrenaline rush that comes with danger, heights and her fast paced lifestyle. She calls herself an “entrepreneur” but what that really is, is her habit of working under the table for big wig companies, supplying information between agencies and meddling in the black market occasionally. Since she turned 17, following her parent’s deaths, she became involved in an variety of dealings and is constantly on the run.

⊰Offensive/Defensive Traits:


[»] Capoeira

[»] Phenotypic Plasticity (With Morphing): Guise is able to change her physical appearance at will. This change ONLY involves hair color/style, eye color and attire. It is by no means shapeshifting, as the morph requires its vassal to trigger the change.

[»] Self Defense


[»] Punchette
[»] Pistolette
[»] Bladette


[»] Right Trigus piercing acts as the vassal for Pheno-Morphing. Provides her the accessibility so long as she’s wearing it.

[»] Ear buds, one always in her right ear, making her seem distracted at times, when in reality, her perception is heightened.

[»]Combat Theme:
Dynamite Rave – Naoki


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