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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
disliking my dreams again
The other night I didn't have time to record my dream.. not that I could remember what it was. My mind kept wondering, as my eyes were shut.. it didn't help that I had nowhere it down write either.

Dream Start

There was this girl I sorely disliked. I didn't know her but I knew I disliked her a lot (did not meet her again). I left the house and was now walking with someone I liked (lets call him WD). So I had this jealous feeling. I had no idea how he felt about me, and I was sure he liked that girl. And so we were walking and entered a building. Things stirred. I enter a glass elevator and was trapped. WD safe on the other side. In a way, I was safe, too.. not really in harms way. I was at first.

But I knew it was a dream so I made a way for myself to be behind a glass room instead of an elevator. I was still stuck and away from WD. I knew he would leave so I tried to get his attention and make him stay. Is it important to note that WD did not say a word the whole time? Then.. people came along. At first I was flirting with a few guys.. a few making their way through the room because there was a small open space. WD was still behind the glass. There were also others there, some were children who would fog up the glass and write me a message on the other side.

For the longest time I kept WD's attention, too.. but.. then came a scene changer. Let's call him VK.. so VK was behind the glass as well and he wrote me a message. It was written by the other children, though, but I knew it was from him. It said "Its hard to say how I feel" with VK himself writing the word "noob", which was directed me once again. I still found it a nice gesture. I wasn't free from the glass room, but VK appeared inside and I felt an attraction towards him.

Then, a girl appeared (she was not the same girl from the beginning).. and she was surrounded by a light dull coloured aura.. she floated naked (with a modestly shadow) and she was not awake. As if she were alseep. I had no idea what was going on, but it felt as though... it was our child? Or at least a being created by VK and I. Though, she looked nothing like us.. I had a feeling we had a hand in her creation. And that maybe VK and I were in love, kind of. In all that commotion WD had left.. and I was upset about that.

Dream End

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