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Inax's Journal
Remnants of what is left of a journal
My Pony OC: Inax
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Sex: Colt
Race: Earth
Eyes: Light Brown
Mane: Dark Brown
Coat: Brown
Cutie mark: Black capital “I” and white wings

Personality: Inax is outgoing and always happy. Sadly, he is shy around others he never met and usually thinks a lot and cringes in place when asking or talking to somepony (such as asking for bits from a trade). He is full of imagination and likes talking about his “friends” at time and enjoys writing. He works in varies of jobs, moreover, he helps out more in Sweet Apple Acres. Inax is friendly when hanging out, but when it comes down to games, pretty competitive.

Story: Many have called Inax schizophrenic, others called him “special.” He doesn’t feel offended, but finds everypony saying so misunderstood. Inax is a random resident of Ponyville, living in a nice home, help many ponies with whatever they need helping, even if it large job or just simple. But where he came from, how he arrived, is a mystery. A small group of ponies found Inax lying on the ground in the Everfree Forest, a crater on the ground and a few trees snapped off its roots from his rough landing. Nopony had not seen anything fall from the sky the night before. And not only that, how an Earth pony could fall hard towards the ground, probably a hot air balloon accident or a unicorn’s attempt to make Earth ponies stand on clouds, who knows. They took him to the hospital and left him in treatment and recovery for a week and a half in total coma. His vitals were normal and the only injury he had was a minor concussion. A few times the nurse entered into his room and checked on him, she would hear mumbling and quiet sentences. Names were said during his coma and small jerks of anger on his face, yet unexplainable.

When he awoke, the doctor had asked him of his name, where he’d come from and his origin. He responded, “I don’t know who I am. I don’t know where I came from. And I don’t know who you are.” Leaving only a smile and a tilt of his head for a good bye, he rose up from his patient bed and walked out of the hospital in glee. The doctor told nurses to stop him, but he exit the building before they heard what they should’ve done.

He was a lost colt in Ponyville. Right on the same day, he wondered into town, avoiding the locals and smiling. Inax talked to himself during his walk, saying of what somepony (quite possibly something) would enjoy being here and speaking of unusual things and places. As mares and colts started to fill in the town, Inax starting to become more and more uncomfortable and found a small ally way and sat there, watching the lively town. The day went by, sitting there with a smile, conversing with himself and laughing. The passerby’s would stare at him in curiosity as they walked away. Many of them raised eyebrows, a few asked “Are you OK?” When they asked, Inax just stared blankly at them, blinking and shaking.

Weeks went by and Inax became widely known, how? Just by staying in place on the same ally, same place just like the day he left the hospital. Some days he wouldn’t eat, other days, mares and colts would leave meals for him, giving a smile to them as a thank you. But inside him, from that comforting, lively shell, Inax felt lonely, deep down in his heart, he needed company. Yet, frighten by so many outcomes if he tries to meet someponies. He thrived through a few blazing hot days with only the houses’ shadows protecting him and spent other days soaked in rain. A few ponies were very polite and courtesy and asked him to come with he or she to stay indoors for the day, but only declined from their offer and with a polite and quiet “thank you.”

Until one morning, with the rising sun peeking overhead, Inax wakes up, letting out a satisfying yawn, he rubs his tired eyes and looks around. The market stands from a few feet away were beginning to start up shop and a few morning ponies were up and about. Same as always, Inax starts to talk to himself saying “Good morning” towards somepony who wasn’t there with a smile. “Good morning to you, too,” a Pegasus stood in front of Inax. His eyes shot wide open towards the blue Pegasus, startled, he started to shiver. Inax was petrified, sharing a blank face. “I didn’t mean to scare you, sorry,” the pegasus brushes the back of his mane with his hoof. “I’m Thunder Runner, what’s your name?” It grew a bit quiet and Inax didn’t know what to say, better yet, what his name was. Inax closed his eyes tightly and gathered a bit of confidence, “I don’t know.” He shook his head with a frown. “You gotta have a name. I never heard of a pony who doesn’t know their name, unless they have extreme amnesia.” Thunder started to laugh a little. Inax laughed, too, “Yah…” Thunder sat down and looked at Inax. Inax looks away and pretends that he wasn’t there.

“Look, I have been watching you from above-“ Thunder leans over and shakes his hoof, “I don’t mean stalking you, just out of curiosity,” he places his hoof back down. “You’ve been out here for 8 long weeks, that’s entirely too long for a lonely Earth pony like you. You should be out there doing something, like a job or something.” Inax looked around, ponies were talking to each other, others barter with each other, and carts stroll by. “Yah, I should, but… I can’t.” With a confused look, Thunder asked, “Why? How come you can’t?” Inax let out a sigh, “I’m shy, beyond shy. Scared.” Thunder smiled and punches Inax lightly on the shoulder, “Aww, don’t be a Fluttershy. It is not like they’ll hurt you or something. Come on.”

Confused with what he said, Thunder walks off towards the small crowd of ponies, saying hello and good morning. Inax sat there watching him. Thunder turned around, telling him to come over with waving his wing. Of what was left of confidence from meeting this blue Pegasus, Inax slowly gets up and finally walks towards him slowly. Friendly smiles surround them both, Thunder conversing with the group and somewhat introducing Inax, with little knowing of what he did those 8 weeks (harshly the same thing) and no name. That day was a start, it was either a call from Celestia herself, or that Thunder must’ve heard his heart.

The following day, Inax sat in the same place and watching everypony walk by, many of whom were those he met yesterday, and of those actually wanted to have a conversation. Yet sadly, Inax creep them out with his thoughts and “invisible friends.” Thunder swoop by through a cloud and lands in front of Inax, “Hey! How’s it going?” Unusual, but just right, Inax burst in glee, “Hi there, Thunder!!” Surprised, Thunder smiles and laughs, “Wow, cheerful one, huh? Hey, I wanted to tell you that there’s carriage of hay to bring down. I was wondering if you want to help me out.” Without hesitation, Inax nods his head and goes with him.

An old orange Earth pony was standing close to a carriage full of hay, Thunder called on to him and told him that he brought another pony to help. For Thunder, it was a bit of a struggle for him to take down a little bit of the hay, but for Inax, he tremendously takes a little more hay off the carriage, not breaking much a sweat. Before a minute passed, all the hay was off the carriage and Inax, standing firm, with a smile, tell the old farmer that it was all done. Thunder was a bit tired, but impressed. “Wow, not only a bundle a joy, but a tough one.” Inax giggle, “Well, only a little, kind of was in a bit of my friend’s character.” Thunder raised his eye brow, but wasn’t concerned.

Throughout the day, Thunder showed Inax the ropes with helping others and jobs. Eventually, Inax started to wonder off on his own, outside his safety zone and away from the ally. Thunder couldn’t find him at all, feeling a bit worried. As he flew through Ponyville, he saw Inax, helping Mr. and Mrs. Cake take a carriage of treats over on delivery. Trotting in happiness, Inax said good afternoon, and his hellos to everypony he passes. Days go on, Inax assisted and helped around town, even more than the average pony . And just in a week, everypony knew him as well as Inax know everypony else.

Inax earned bits with doing small jobs, doesn’t matter if it is carrying things or cleaning messes he didn’t make. Yet, he had nowhere to sleep, he always returned back to the ally to rest. Thunder did asked him if he would like to sleep over, but soon realized that Inax can’t fly (nor stay on top of a cloud.) One day, Inax was walking around town, Thunder flies over and hovers, “Hey, bro! The Mayor likes to speak to you.” Skeptical, he follows him to the town hall, and right there on the front door, Mayor Mare greeted Inax and talked to him about his noticeable reputation he had earned in Ponyville. She felt very concerned of my living state and decided, a gift from her to him, a deed to a two-story house.

With a well-furnished home, Inax started to live a normal life, having to go out and enjoy the little things and help other ponies in need. Thunder and Inax became the best of friends, most of the time playing around and joking, other times just going out there with friends, even sleep over at Inax’s house.

Thunder, one day, bouncing a ball at a wall in Inax’s house, asked Inax about his cutiemark. Inax didn’t know what it was or what it meant. It was just a black letter “I” and white feathery wings. Inax had it since the hospital and he began to fall curious about it. But not only that, “And also, who is this ‘friend’ of yours that you keep talking to?” Inax felt a bit nervous and embarrassed to say, “Well, my friend, he’s… a friend.. yah... but different.” Thunder sat about on the chair, “How different?” Inax sat on the other side of the table and started to clamp both his hooves together while he explains. “He is… a superhero. He has magic, awesome magic. So awesome that he only needs his hooves to cast spells, he doesn’t have a horn at all. And, and not only that, instead of having hooves for front legs, he has metal hooves that shoots powerful electrical beams, bursting with crackles and jolts of energy. He can fly with those and make back flips...” He continue to explain more, how his “friend” comes from another planet, how he met other “friends,” how he resides in a planet called, “Sephira II” and fight bad guys and protects the universe from utter chaos. From all of the ponies that would hear about this, they would say that he’s nuts. But for Thunder, he was into it. Everything from stories of his character being extremely silly and provoking his arch enemies with wacky things, serious fights against a twin brother, and so many creatures he has met.

“And what is his name?” Thunder finally asked, with a smile. Inax, trying to catch his breath from over exciting description of his imaginary friend, responds, “Inax.” Thunder, with amusement, looks at him and then remembers his unique cutiemark. “Well, bro. You have an awesome friend. And you know what…” He pauses and gets up, moving towards Inax, punches him softly, “Inax, my best friend, you got yourself a name.”

In present, Inax works and helps out constantly in Sweet Apple Acres, picking up apples and carrying them off to the barn. The Apples consider him family for his help, from earliest of morning to the darkest of night. Now and then, he would help around town, visit Sugar Cube Corner to get himself a cinnamon bun from Pinkie Pie, and visit the library for scrolls and ink from Twilight. And all the time, and every day, hangs out with Thunder Runner, becoming roommates in Inax’s house. And with so much time to spare, Inax began to build up a hobby of writing. Most recently, he had written action and dramatic stories of his imagination and many adventures. All of Ponyville knows of his stories and many of them were extremely fascinated by them. More so, his story of his amazing hero, “Inax” and his great journey to become who he is today, ever so feeling inside himself, that he was that likely hero that he became to be.

Only leaving one thing… and one thing only… to ponder over and over… just freezing up and wonder… where did he come from?

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