I've said this before, but it's not good enough. Alas, another post I deleted.

I think the argument is of your subjective worth. There are greedy corporations and demanding a pay increase for either a permanent or a temporary reason is also greedy. It sounds like you're expecting gold to come out of toilet "duty".

I've also noticed that there are many reasons being thrown around, such as why you would be the reason someone hates their job. I am near indiscriminate with this procedure as I cannot stand almost everyone. True story, bro. The martyr victimization of the workforce is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most infuriating and dumbfounding message I've ever heard; " But I have to go to work everyday!" Good for you; you want a cookie? Oh, you do, because you're the "victim" of the workforce. It's like when someone tries to argue a point, then someone thinks it's on topic or relevant to use their, "but I have a job" argument to try and make a point. It gets funnier when both in their fallacious arguments try to argue why they're doing something, and both wind up accusing the other of living with their parents, because a "true" worker drone would never do what the other person is doing. (I can find the hidden Scotsman message, dawg.)

So, what is your argument? You're an atheist being paid on a holiday? You're unhappy that these moronic corporations are realizing that singling out selective holidays in accordance with their own and paying a person for a holiday to sit around on their a** was something they were supposed to do? I'm happy they're starting to wise up by not paying someone for their filthy holidays. Hopefully the next thing they start doing is not closing early on Sundays "because religion"... or get blown up with everyone in it. Either way, I don't care.

I used to be sympathetic about this, but it's impossible to care anymore.