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SINFUL WORLD Random things. i write soo ..ya not much to say

Delicious- I -Sinner
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OC Avi:User Image
Name: Ruanda
Age:214 ((born around the 1700s))
Bio: Ruanda is a demon cat with goat horns, and tail that changes into a smooth demon tail or into a cat's tail. Ruanda was sent to exile after witnessing her father kill her family. Her father took pity on the child for witnessing what he done to her brothers. Looking so much like her mother, he couldn't kill her. One of the servants decided to place her with a home with a human family. After a few years being taken care of by the family, she snapped. One day, her foster father came home drunk and was beating his wife. Sitting in the corner, watching her foster mother take the beating, she lunged at him. With a scream being heard, Ruanda snapped out of it and slowly turned around to her mother. Shaking in pale, white of fear, Ruanda smiled. Her eyes changed to different colors as horns curled out of the side of her head and cat ears popped out of the top of her head.
Being traumatized by her real father killing her loved ones caused her true form spring out. Her mother then tried to exercise her and after many fails, she was sent to a loony bin. Ruanda then was sent to a home at the age of 10, and started to torture the kittens that ran around the house. Later she was caught eating one to get rid of the evidence. She too was sent to a crazy house called Bedlam, or the formal name, The Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem. Being sent to London, where she spent the rest of the days hearing others wale noises that wasn't natural, she herself became insane. Some days she was normal, other days she was would ramble about her thoughts or her past and ask herself questions.
During her time in Bedlam, her personality split among with her transforming into her forms. Thats when Del and Yuma was born.. so after that Ruanda escape

>>claws forming out of her knuckles and out of her nails
>>can disappear and reappear herself, others or objects in view
>>can heal with her saliva
>>can take and give souls to prolong or give life depending what rank the person is
>>does illusions
>>is a cannibal and eats the same people or similar to her kind
>> able to make Demonic formation tunnels for quick traveling
>>Demon Pox
>>has a leechy tongue that splits open to eat her victim. Also where the souls are hidden.

*candy, but mostly homemade ((cannibal candy)
*friendly people
*enjoys play fights
*cute things((probably would try to attack it))
*likes bloody figures

*has a personality disorder or proper term " Split personality " *
~Ruanda has 2 distinct personalities exist inside her. Each of which prevails at a particular time. Usually triggered or just randomly shows up. Ruanda herself is friendly, understanding or trys to, loud, playful, doesn't mind being pet at times. She like to watch people and doesn't mind talking to strangers sometimes. Likes to have fun, rebels , tends to bite, and likes to offer her candy to people without telling it is exactly.Does her best to say sane. Fights Deli&Yuma at times inside her mind, in order to keep them there. Explains the scratch marks on her horns and the random questions and talking to herself.~

Split personality:
~Del:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
(usually appears either any form with goat horns or your average everyday looking horns)
-likes to be given candy. Enjoys bitting people and is a bit of a flirt. Doesn't care much, likes to dwell on asking questions whether its rude or out of boredom. Loses interest quickly in someone and well leave or move her attention somewhere else. Doesn't like to be pin down or pick up for a tight hug. Also she hates heights.Likes to share her candy purposely to other to see what they do after finding out what its made of.

*special note* Signs of tail movement: ~Del's tail language ~
~Wrapping around her leg : means feeling a bit embarrassed, shy, awkward, alone, scared.
~Wrapping around her upper leg (thigh) : means softening towards one, doesn't wish to be touch especial by the tail if the tail is feeling senetenive atm.
~Wrapping tail around one's leg: means taking a kin into, interest, comfortable around that person, enjoys your company, happy to make a new friend or planing a trick.

(usually appears in any neko form)
-Loves sweets and not just her own homemade candy. Friendly, sweet, enjoys being pet and pick up for piggy back rides. Likes to play and surrounding herself with random people. Yuma likes to nom cheeks so do beware of her noming. Acts like a child and likes rocking back and forth on her heels.

*special note* Sign of tail movement: ~Yuma's tail language~
~Wrapping around her leg~: more of a habit when she's zoning out as she watching people. Also shows, nervous, shy, or when being put down.
~Wrapping around one's leg~ : Showing affection and letting the person know that Yuma doesn't mind them being close to her.
~Wrapping around one's arm~: has taken a liking to, or other way of affection to show you just made a friend out of her.

*False OC's background, Not everything is true about herself. She likes to lie about a lot of things and twist the truth*

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Fri Feb 21, 2014 @ 08:44pm

Horrifyingly interesting eek

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