it's prolly cause i'm jealous.
you hang out with me until 10pm and then go out again to hang out and smoke with some other bums. i really hope you know how much i love smoking. stare zero percent. i mean, the pretty donuts you can make with hookahs are cool and all but i don't like it at the same time. like how people do things because they think they're cool for doing it. Like, omg i was so high, omg i was so drunk. LIKE OMG YOU SO TOTALLY WERE NOT. Sames with me though. i really don't enjoy the taste of alcohol, but i guess i do it just to fit in, not to purposely get wasted. jeez. i'd rather be the sober kid to drive everyone home, and make fun of them while they're drunk. i really don't understand college kids. maybe it's their values in life. like, you value being popular, perhaps? maybe, idk. i value being able to remember things. i can barely remember things as of right now, cause i have a terrible memory. so why would i drink and not remember the good time i had? that's just dumb. i really don't understand it.