Everyone goes through tough times... nature was made for disaster... we are part of nature. Despite each rough failure and trial, behind each dark door lies (at least) one door of: success, happiness, good fortune. biggrin Running away doesn't solve the problem, though it may look like it does. But those who runaway from their problems.... they usually end up right back at your feet. mad Face those challenges and if in the end you do fail... failure always gives room for improvement. wink

Pick yourself back up no matter how hard an obstacle may be... who cares if in the end you look like a loser, idiot, jerk, dork, or even stupid. All that matters is that you do it for yourself and knowing that you were able to defeat that obstacle. It is not the word success that means success, but it is the action that you took to achieve that success. So don't just stand around wasting life away... do something to change even a speckle of your life! smile

So ask yourself: Where do I stand at the crossroads of my decisions? Am I running away or fighting the challenge? If you are running away... You can't run away forever... sometimes you have to stop and once you stop what else can save you other than facing it yourself?