A: Who was the last person to piss you off? What did they do?

My ex.
He's moving to a different Provence to be with this chick and s**t, and 2 days before he leaves he tells me that he wishes our 'something' (whatever it still is?) wa bigger and stronger and something mo.

B: Do you miss your ex? What would you do to get them back?

My latest ex? He was a rebound, I don't want him back I could careless about him smile

C: If you had to choose between your best friend or your significant other dying, who would you choose?

My bestfriend, I have no significant other at the moment...

D: Everyone has a few demons, what's your worst one?

My eating disorder.

E: Have you ever cheated on somebody?


F: Are you a virgin?


G: Do you believe in ghosts?

yes c:

H: If you knew your girlfriend/boyfriend would be truly happier without you, would you leave?

Yes, already have.

I: If you liked someone with a terminal illness, would you still date them knowing they might not live much longer?

Of course, if anything I would cherish the moments we have together more.

J: If you sold your soul, what would it be for?

For rock and roll.

K: Would you ever kill someone? What would be a good reason?

Sure? If they killed someone, or driven someone to their suicide. Actually I wouldn't kill them just make their life a living hell.

L: Have you ever told a big lie, one that you felt bad for? Did you ever come clean?

Uhm, being a Virgin? I think that's the worst.
Did I feel bad? Noope.
Come clean? Yeeeeeeeee

M: Is there anything that you'd never do for any amount of money?

Uhm, probably not.

N: Would you consider yourself vain or narcissistic?

I guess? I just have confidence.

O: Are you open minded, or do you judge people and things before you give them a chance?

A bit of both, depends on the first impression really. If its really bad then yes. If its decent then sure.

P: Politics, what are your thoughts on them?

Idc, just don't ******** me over.

Q: Do you prefer peace and quiet, or loud chaos?


R: Religion, what is yours? Do you believe in a god?

I believe in god yes, I guess I'm Christian?!

S: What is your sexual preference (straight, gay, bi, pan, ace)?


T: What is your favorite sexual position?


U: Has anyone you knew ever died? If so, who?

Uhm, not someone I was close with?

V: Do you ever want children?

One boy, Sullivan Xanthe

W: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right were I am?! Or in Europe :3

X: Do you do drugs? Drink? Smoke?

Smoke sometimes, only if I'm stressed.

Y: Is there anything you wouldn't do for love?

Kill the one I love.

Z: Would you ever have sex for money?