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Megaville new age of heroes!
Death Battle:Rikia and Poy V.S. Izuki and Momo part 3
With Rikia being alone,Izuki and Momo do a gang assault!Each of them swing their weapons frantically trying to hit her,she uses her lighting fast speeds and dodges all their attacks!
Izuki:"OUCH!MOMO YOU TWIT YOU HIT ME!!!smilies/icon_scream.gif"
Rikia then uses her P.S.I. and creates a massive twister hitting them both!
Izuki:"Uggh!"Izuki jumps navigates threw the twister and tries to Rikia!
Rikia:"..............NO CHOICE!!!!"Rikia then unleashes a massvie P.S.I. explosion wave that hits both Izuki and Momo!!!

Rikia hit her knees,out of the smoke Momo ran threw with his shield,and knocked Rikia back!
Izuki runs the smoke as well and tries to hit her but she blows Izuki's sword out of her hand!
Izuki:"My SWORD??!!"Izuki goes after it while Momo shoots a homing arrow at Rikia!Not wasting time Rikia teleports behind Momo,zaps him,then knocks him in the air!

Momo:"I....gotta turn...this...."But is unable gets Falcon dropped! K.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izuki comes back and sees what happens.
Izuki and Rikia then both lock in combat!
Izuki gets the better of it and then uses ALL FOUR Gogo bombs at once!!
A massive explosion hits Rikia!

Izuki:"....*Huff*....well...-"Rikia comes through the smoke in awakened state and DECKS Izuki!

Rikia shoots a massive lighting spiral at Izuki!
Rikia:"I....can sense your still alive......"
Izuki comes running out the smoke in her dark mode and slashes Rikia's chest!
The P.S.I. coin goes flying elsewhere!
Rikia:"THE COIN!!!!"
But before she does anything Izuki tackles her and beats her rapidly until one final smash!!


Winner:Izuki and Momo

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