I am so busy this week and next. I finally got my work schedule and that's not the bad thing. Besides work, I am watching over two peoples' pets. One is a house full of five cats that just need to checked on but I'm busy every afternoon so it will either be the morning or the nighttime that I go see them. The other house is only one dog that needs to be seen in the nighttime tonight and tomorrow. But the other trouble is that next week we leave for camping so I need to have everything ready. I'm almost completely sure that we need new sleeping bags for my bro and me then maybe even another air mattress. I don't mind buying these things cause they will be mine from here on out but I worry we won't make the time for it because I don't really get access to a car these days. My brother is gone all day to avoid the house and get his homework done and my mom has these things scheduled for her own day D>

But yea, I'm SUPER excited about the camping trip but worried about it too because of the space issue with the car and lots of other stuff. Tonight we are going to SF on a spur of the moment trip to be with my cousins from Connecticut who are staying there at a house they swapped. We are possibly going biking so hopefully my mom will figure all that out without me. After work I need to eat then hangout with the dog for an hour. I'm surprisingly excited about that.

Unfortunately, I have the shakes again from my meds. This means I might have blurred vision again later tonight or tomorrow. The two symptoms seem to go hand in hand for me. But, knowing this is a good thing so I won't be able to drive tonight and I have to watch my water levels closely.

Tonight we are having burgers and corn. I can't wait! And I'm gonna have a hard cider so I sleep well. I haven't been sleeping well at all. I keep shifting and it's too hot. My paranoia about bugs being in my bed isn't helping either. Hopefully I resolve all this so I can STOP WORRYING SO MUCH . w ."