Hi! I'm Rin. I've never made a journal before, so this is a basic trial-and-error thing. 3nodding I hope you can deal with me for a little bit! biggrin

Well, about the title, this is going to take a little bit of explaining to do...
I've mostly spent my summer inside the house (more specifically, my room). So, this is my first time out of the house since...four days ago? confused I don't know.

Most people I have talked to say that it must be lonely or weird to be my yourself at home. I just say that I'm cool with it. I don't really get lonely. I would talk, sing, or blare music for some background noise, y'know?

Ooh, guess what? Last night, when I had to get a paper towel to dry my hands (I was washing dishes...fun, right? rolleyes ), I saw a mouse on the table, next to the paper towels... I freaked! I even barricaded the opening to my room because I don't have a door (That's a story for another time... sweatdrop )

Oh, well. Thanks for reading my babbling! I'll try to write again later~ biggrin