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Q: Why are you and Duncan so strange? xD
Well, thank you for your amazing Question on our weirdness! c:
But honestly, we have no idea xD
It's a lot better than being normal though, I'll tell you that. The weirdest people, are the best of people ^^
I can't imagine a normal and mature Tara and Duncan, it just doesn't seem right..But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way x3
We're a sick-minded, loveydovey, weird couple x3

We both love eachother for who we are, so, we're loved for being weird xD Honestly..I've been told that I'm the craziest girl alive by family and friends, it's just who I am xD
Duncan is just the same, only he's more mature than I am..But we both have our immature moments of sick-minded stuff or just acting like we're 5 instead of 15 xD

So to Answer your Question;
We honestly have no idea. But we wouldn't have it any other way because a normal us would be insane