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ChevelleRose's Randomness Journal
This is a journal of memories and stuff I think is cool. :)
I Rescued A Huge Moth Today
I thought today would be a pretty good day to go outside and what a day it was. I mean only 3 of my dogs got loose and broke their leash-running line things(the rope type things that attach to their collars). And one got off of his by hooking his clip onto the fence. See what I mean? Total fun. Yes this is sarcasm..

But anyways, I was sitting on the swing with my laptop when I see a flash of yellow out of the corner of my eye. When I look up I see one of my cats playing with this yellow cloth type thing. I kept watching because I had no idea where they’d get something like that. Then I see my cat toss it around and it started flapping. I was pretty much “holyshitholyshit!!" because I thought they were playing with a butterfly.

I just hate it when they play with lizards and stuff I mean come on..

The upside is that they haven’t found any lately despite it being summer time. When I ran over the little s**t actually looked right at me then picked up the butterfly and tried to run away with it!

My face when it happened ——> >smilies/icon_surprised.gif

I chased him around but when I started yelling he got the hint and dropped it. Turns out it wasn’t a pretty little butterfly but some kind of gigantic moth:

It wouldn’t let me actually pick it up with my hands so I found a plastic box and kinda scooped it up in that. I even felt a breeze on my hands when it started flapping around. I’m not actually sure if its a moth now that I think on it. But it was sorta fuzzy like one.

I ended up putting it near some bushes where the cats wouldn’t find it. I stayed outside till my laptop battery ran out then I went inside. A few hours later I went outside to check on the kittens and the moth(?)but the moth wasn’t there. I’m hoping that it flew away because its wings weren’t damaged aside from that tiny tooth hole near the bottom. I think it only laid there as long as it did cuz it was tired.

Note: So in a way I was meant to go outside today. If I didn't I never would have noticed when my dogs got loose(not at the same time btw) or when my cat was playing with the big moth.


Its name shall be...Lemon Margarine the yellow moth. smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif

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